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I have suffering from headache in the back of my head from 1.5 months .... need help

I have suffering from headache in the back of my head from 1.5 months .... the pain is mild to moderate and thus sometimes becomes severe for some couple of days ...i am totally confused . I have no nasuea no vommiting and nor any other issue ... just this heachache at the back of my head that feels like pulsing ,pounding in my head .and sometimes i feel it the different location of my head but most probably it is on my left back side of my head ... i went to many doctors and yet they think its migraine ..i just want to get rid of this pain ..i has been constant from more than a month now .. can any one help me please....i have taken every pain reliever anti depressants but nothing working the pressure is still in there ....😟😟😔

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I had a similar pain at one time at the back left of my head and was checked out for brain cancer but thankfully that was not the problem. You could ask to be referred for a neurological examination. I have had a SPECT scan years ago which measures blood flow in the brain but more recently cat scans and MRI's.

I hope that you can find the help that you need so that your anxiety settles down.

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Can you tell me what then helped you to relax your headaches ... any medicines ... i did a cat scan which came normal


What helped the most for me was to lie still in a dark room without light or sound, elevated. My worst headaches did not afford me the luxury of lying flat. Depending on where the pain originated, I always had a cold compress on that spot.

I am grateful that your scan was normal although I can appreciate the frustration of not understanding what is creating the pain in that area. Please check out the resources that Christian recommends.


For how much time did you had this headache


Welcome to this community. See this page for current migraine treatment options: mybraintest.org/chronic-mig...

Also, Calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) antibody therapy is close to being approved in the US.

All the best.


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