A good day

You people should be so happy that you can't hear me right now because I'm belting out the song, l'm So Excited, and I really can't sing at all. What's the occasion? I've been reasonably clear today. I was able to power wash the bird do off the swing my granddaughter loves to lie and read in. Then I washed a couple of sections of the fence in our back yard in preparation to stain it. And on top of that, I power washed half of our lower concrete deck and got the winter yuck off of it.

Now this took me all day, as opposed to the leisurely morning it used to take, and every bit of concentration I had, but I did it and I made no major mistakes. This is a major accomplishment. I am very happy. And tired. It means I can still complete a task I set before myself, I still have purpose, something to do of value other than shift about in others' way, intruding in their purpose. It feels good. It's something to hold onto for awhile. And take the opportunity to utilize my poor singing voice!

Til next time.


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  • Encouraging for you and for others who read that it is a possibility! Thanks for sharing Randy, I smiled to read that you were belting that song out!

  • Happy for you Randy! I wish you many more....

  • I'm singing right along with you. I had a good day like that on the weekend... drained and cleaned the pond. Working in sloth-motion... took me nearly all too.

  • Doesn't it just feel awesome to accomplish something for a change!💥

  • Poppygail I am so happy for you!!! I know just how you feel. About once a month I am privileged to have one of those days - have cognitive reasoning to stay on track, have enough energy to slowly keep going, having enough God-power to keep moving in spite of the pain, and even if it takes 10 hours, its such a great feeling to accomplish something you wondered if you would ever do again. I was able to put away my winter clothes and actually hang up my summer tops and put my summer capris in the drawer and store the winter things. Back pain is about a #9, but it was worth it!! We just have to move slower, breathe deep, and I must ask God continually to remind me why I went to the other room. If I must have MS, I must have God with me, and I must hold the hand of Jesus every step of the way!

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