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Hi I'm new to this group, my mum was diagnosed with vascular dementia 2 yrs ago, Information is not readily available so I'm pleased I got in touch with Alzheimer's uk I'm finding it extremely difficult in being able to help mum as refusing help medical she was offered a tablet that could help has refused she's also blind in left eye, she want 1000% attention my issue is I also have a anorexic daughter so trying to split myself in two any information on how to cope would be fantastic.Thankyou all in advance xxsorry mums 85

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Please give priority to finding ways do deal with your daughter's anorexia. A medical social worker would be the best person to help you with this. I hope one is available to you where you live. Does your mother live with you? Are you married or have anyone living with you who can help you sort things out? If your mother is eligible for a care facility, she should live there so you and your daughter can have a good life. You will find many helpful people on this site.

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Hi Thankyou for your reply mum stays in her own home recently got care 4 times a day, but resents the help, very confused, both are my priority, mum refusing help because she thinks she doesn't need it but definitely she needs the help so hopefully she will accept the help, I got in touch with blind society which she refused was hoping this would have gave her days out, my daughter anorexic, with bulimia, now drinking way to much and won't go for counselling she's 25 have tried everything but they just won't accept help worried sick but Thankyou for your help x


I'm glad you contacted the blind society even though your mother refused this time. Perhaps some other time they could send someone to visit her, introducing her as your friend.


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