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To shave or not to shave my hair?!

Hi all

I'm 24 I've had AA for 9 months now. I had steroid injections back in January in my largest bald area by the nape of my neck and I have some regrowth. However my patch is still getting bigger so the regrowth from the injections hasn't helped all that much. I am due to go back to my dermatologist April 12th but now I have around 17 patches, 4 of which are large and noticeable with my hair down. I probably have around 30% hair loss.

I am just wondering whether I should bother getting the injections again as my hair loss is developing quite quickly. I discussed with my mother last night about cutting my hair short and just buying a wig. My hair is quite long at the moment but I do have the majority of my hair in tact, it just comes out ALL the time in clumps! I have to pull clumps out of my hair brush every day.

I wear my hair up at all times to conceal the large patches on my crown, but if any of the patches get too noticeable where I cant cover them with my hair tied up, I am thinking about shaving my hair off and buying a wig. My main concern with shaving my hair is whether my partner will still find me attractive. I'm in my prime at 24 and I do take time in making myself look nice so it will be a big change for him to see me with no hair! He says he will love me regardless and I believe him, its just how I will feel in myself. I have seen bald women who look gorgeous and having no hair suits them, but whereas I have always had long, thick hair, its going to be a big change and I don't want to end up regretting it or feeling like I don't look nice.

If anyone can give me any advice on this, I'd be most grateful.

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There are some brilliant wigs available, that would be an option if you shaved your head.

Its true you would look very different with a shaved head but what I found was once I shaved off what was left I felt more in control. Only you can decide. The bald look can be very attractive - check out some of the images on Alopecia World website.

All the best whatever you decide


I would say yes to shaving every time! For me it was a whole new begining in my alopecia journey. Not only does it help to stop you focusing on the fall out it also helps to tidy it up. Most importantly, as bluenose said, it puts you in control and thats a great feeling after the battle with patches. I chose not to wear wigs as i like how I look without but thats not for everyone.

Good luck with the decision.



Thank you both for your replies!

I can see what you mean about being back in control after shaving your hair, and how it helps to tidy it up!

I have decided not to take the plunge just yet. I am going to wait until July (as it will be a year then since I've had alopecia) as I am still hopeful of remission and regrowth. However, if before July my bald patches become noticeable, I will look into purchasing a wig and shaving it off.

I really don't know how I'd look completely bald, but the other day whilst out shopping, a strong gust of wind blew and my bald patch at the back of my head was freezing!

I think a wig or head scarf is a must for the winter, and maybe au naturel in the summer!

All the best to you both, and thanks again for your replies




Shaving is a personal choice only you can make that decision but is it was me I think I would shave and wear a wig.

I shave the top to wear a hair system


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