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Alopecia areata

Hi all, since my last post I have given up using Minoxidil, although it has helped in the past this time I couldn't tolerate it as it made my scalp so dry, flaky and my hair is still falling out. My hairdresser recommended Nioxin cleanser shampoo, scalp revitaliser and scalp treatment also Nioxin diaboost, these are pricy so you need to shop around (the starter kits on are good value) , they make your head feel very clean and refreshed although I haven't seen any improvement yet - it's only been a week so far to be fair. Also I am massaging my bald patches with Argan oil at night, again through recommendation. I am STILL waiting for my appointment at the skin clinic, might chase that up tomorrow. This week I am going to a wig shop, I am considering a clip on half wig as the front of my hair is ok ish, the back has large chunks missing. I am colouring in with an eye pencil which helps to disguise the shiny bald patches and have ordered a product called Couvre from Amazon that is specifically designed to do that. Will keep you posted.....

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Good luck with everything Elainejaybird1. Having a condition with no cure and limited treatment options is tough. It's often about finding whatever makes us as comfortable as we can be, whether that be getting a great wig or cover up solution.

If you are waiting for an appointment, I would definitely chase it up. Unfortunately, mistakes can happen and people can be missed accidentally.

Let us know how you get on.


Hi Elainejbird1 My alopecia started in August last year with a bald patch above my ear at the back and has since had more patches and my hair is very thin and still falling out. I am using Nioxin shampoo and cleanser and it is starting to grow back but makes the bit of hair I have very frizzy I also take Biotin tablets which I personally think works as I was taking it before I used the Nioxin. The Biotin makes your nails grow too. I waited 5 months before I had my hospital appointment to see a dermatologist who has sent a letter to Birmingham City Hospital for me to have immunetherapy which I am not sure about now they also offered me a wig which I have had since January which has given me more confidence to go out. I would suggest you chase up your appointment and if offered a wig on prescription have it as some of the wigs are really good and look like real hair. Hope everything goes well for you and keep us all posted...


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