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Hello! I'm sierra:) I've suffered from alopecia since age seven. I'm 18 and still struggling with my hair, but I've been able to work with it and try to be positive. I'd like to share some hope with Any one who thinks that they can't be beautiful without hair. I hated my appearance for as long as I can remember. I even developed anorexia, which made my hair loss even worse. I recovered, but still struggled with feelings of unworthiness. However, all my life, I've been told I'm beautiful. I had to look inside though, I could never see it on the outside. One day, a modeling scout contacted me after seeing my social media and asked if I'd be interested and I was absolutely stunned.

Just because we have different hair, doesn't mean we are less than. It's not about the way you look. We are stronger because of this, even if we can't see it yet. You all are amazing, I don't need to see you or talk to you to know it! :) stay strong guys! Flaunt it! Make it your own. Bald is beautiful lol or handsome for the men here.

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Hi sierra it's great that you are so positive. Good luck in everything you do. You're right beauty is deeper than just looks but it's so hard for some people to see this.

I am so glad to hear that you have come into your own with this stupid hair disease. I suffered a large loss of hair about 15 years ago. Fortunately for me it all came back. But since that time I will seem to always have a patch of missing hair somewhere on my head. If the patch gets fairly large I go to the dermatologist and she injections medicine in my scalp which at this point has resulted in regrowth. And thus far I've been very lucky that my bald spots seem to occur around the nape of my neck so that my long hair can cover it up. But I will never forget the devastation I felt when I lost most of my hair.

Jen8185 in reply to Amkoffee

Hi Amkoffee...i am currently going through dramatic hair loss..i have lost i would say 60 percent. How long did it take for your hair to come back? Was there any underlying cause? Mine just won't stop falling. It's depressing to say the least.

Amkoffee in reply to Jen8185

I think it took a full year for the hair to come back and turn brown like my other hair. Yes, it came in white. I looked like a skunk with all the spots white and the rest of my hair dark brown. But the white hairs turned brown again. So now it all matches. It was a long and emotional year. There were two things I hated most about it. #1 was when a man with a bald or semi-bald head would try to tell me that they know how it feels. (both of my doctors were bald) I'm sorry but no man can identify with the emotional roller coaster that a female losing her hair goes through. Society readily accepts a man with no hair but not a woman. And that brings me to my #2 problem. I tried wear "do" rags on my head. Basically a scarf on my head to cover my hair. And when I did, people thought I had cancer. I would get these looks of sympathy. That really bugged me because I didn't deserve that kind of sympathy. Because although I wanted to shrink up and die (JK) I was not dying with cancer.

I hope your hair comes back quicker then mine did. If you haven't already, you need to go see a dermatologist. They are the doctors that treat alopecia. And keep in mind that there are others out there that lose all the hair on their body. We're talking about eyebrows and eyelashes, leg hair and pit hair, facial hair for a man, etc. And then there are those that it never comes back. There is a group on Facebook of people that suffer from alopecia. If you Facebook you should check it out.

Jen8185 in reply to Amkoffee

Thanks for replying...mine is mainly diffuse and i have one patch at the nape of my neck. I lost half an eyebrow and it slowly came back but is very thin. However, both my eyebrows are still falling and thinning. I'm dreading the day i don't have any. Also, whats more depressing is that i have been noticing my daughters hair falling and her eyebrows coming out fairly easily like on her pillow and when she rubs them. She's almost 4 and starting school in September. I just pray it doesn't get worse.

I've seen a dermatologist, but waiting for thr biopsy result before he can do anything, which takes like 6 weeks. It is a very slow process and i feel I'll be bald by then and the amount of shedding has increased dramatically over the last week.

Was yours just patches? And did you change anything in your diet or was it through just treatment it came back. I really want to go back to my appointment with mire knowledge so i can ask more questions. As when i saw him he didnt really seem very interested to say the least.

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