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Newly diagnosed with Alopecia Areata

But everything I have read says this goes in bald spots. However I have thinning on the left side from the crown to the front. I also have thinning about the bottom third on the back. You can almost see a line where it changes. There is a spot within this that might be going to a bald spot. My left eyebrow is disappearing, the right less so and have lost some body hair in circular spots. Is it normal to have thinning with Alopecia areata more than circular bald spots? Any help appreciated

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There is a less common form of Alopecia Areata that is diffuse. Did you have a scalp biopsy done?


No just dermatologist having a look


You could ask for a biopsy or just call the consultant's secretary and ask for clarification.

One of the reasons he/she probably diagnosed this is because of where you have the problem.

With genetic baldness it is typically only on the top (vertex)/crown and sometimes a bit down the sides. As far as I know, it does not affect below the occipital bone.

With telogen effluvium, which is a diffuse hair loss, it typically affects the entire scalp or most of it, so the diffuse loss would be over a widespread area. Some people who experience this type of hair loss also experience eyebrow loss (if they have a thyroid problem).

Alopecia areata can affect anywhere on the head including eyebrows, eyelashes nose hair etc. It (along with its relations alopecia totalis and universalis) is the most likely type to cause loss on other areas of your body such as pubic, legs and arms etc. It can be a diffuse loss on the head, although this is a lot less common than the smooth patches.

A couple of years ago I learnt of another type called DUPA... I don't know a lot about it. It is something you might want to look at though (have a Google).


Thank you. I have another appointment in February so will ask for clarification then. I will also Google all the other stuff. Really appreciate your replies


You're welcome. I hope you get the clarification and answers you need.


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