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Steroid Injections

After a couple of years of yo-yo Alopecia I wrote to my doctor quoting a couple of 'miracles' that had been reported in the papers. One woman had taken steroids for a chest infection and her Alopecia Totalis went and she now has a full head of hair.

The second miracle was a Rheumatoid Arthritis drug. HMy doctor vetoed this [even though I do suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis] as it is quite dangerous, but has offered to refer me to a Dermatologist for a course of Steroid injections in my head.

Has anyone tried this - does it work. More importantly does it hurt and does it have any side effects, like weight gain.

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I already had these injections on my head, but it was a long time ago. It depends on the person, you know. On my case, my hair had grown at that moment. But, sadly, typical of alopecia (on me), it had fallen down again. I hope someone invent something one day to prevent hair from "fall" ... dream of millions.

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and what is the steroid?


i ran into someone who said it does work in about a month but the shots are very painful....and it doesnt work for everyone.....


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