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It has taken me a few weeks to come to terms with my hair loss. I am 47 years old.

My husband told me about a bald patch on the back of my head when we were out walking our dogs. The wind was blowing ( a typical summers day) I thought he was joking at first so when we got home I checked the mirror. It was a shock. The patch was oval 4cm x 6cm.

I have been very stressed at work, and have since been signed off sick by my GP.

Blood tests were negative. Then another patch appeared on the left side of my scalp a neat circle 2cm in diameter. More tears but it could be worse !! Areas around my fringe are now appearing thiner.

Not really sure what to do at the moment but writing this helps.

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Has your GP referred you to a hospital dermatologist? If not ask if you can be referred asap. It can take time to get an appointment and you don't want to wait until it gets much worse - if it is going to. It sounds like you have patches and diffuse thinning which is how mine goes. My dermatologist was surprised that the GP had not tried prescribing steroid lotion before referral but I think he just referred me on quickly because I had previously lost all my hair. The dermatologist prescribed the lotion and it worked for me, although I know that it doesn't for everyone. In the past I have had steroid injections into my scalp when I lost all my hair, which also worked. I think my hair loss is stress related as well, but I have found that removing the stress doesn't end the problem immediately, as one might hope. I know this is silly to say, but try not to worry about it too much as that could make it worse. The faster you get help and feel that someone is taking care of you the better.

I hope it goes well for you.


Thanks for the advice. GP hasn't yet as she is treating me for Stress, but I will talk to her at my appointment next Monday.


There are a number of treatments available, some work, some don't, in loads of cases the condition will just right itself, I know that may not help you at the moment to deal with it, but try not to let it over come you, that will only make you feel worse, check out the site and maybe the old site Alopecia UK online forum, there is a massive amount of information there, support etc, that might help you deal with this, make sure that you see a dermatologist as soon as possible, make a fuss at your GP because sometimes there is a waiting list, whether you feel you need to go private to see someone sooner rather than later is a personal choice, but often it will be the same specialist you will see anyway. Try and avoid businesses that advertise saying they can cure everything, they will just take your money. Good luck, I`m sure things will work out ok for you. Cynth


Hello, my doctor treated me for stress to and I didn't know where to turn either but I read on here everyone had dermatologist but me, im 35 and as I sit here now I have no hair at all by the time I got to see the dermatologist I was bald!!!

my advice to you is don't sit and wait get to your doctor and ask them to refer you. this is a horrible thing to go though, im now coming to terms with my new look, but not without my struggles.


I lost all my hair 5 yrs ago, then all my body hair. I,ve had c***p time basically but at last feel i have almost come to terms with this.I have good days and bad days but am glad to say they are mostly good. The way i think is that you just have to get on with it cos its either that or the alternative is not worth thinking about. Luckily my hubby, kids, friends and parents are very supportive. Try not to hide your feelings and its ok to cry. I found that by bottling it up ( and i outwardly put on a very brave face) gave me episodes of severe distress. Even if your hair does not return , you will, with time start not letting it rule and ruin your life


I started to lose my hair a year ago while I was on tamoxifen for cancer treatment ( I'd lost it through chemo & it returned as expected) I believe it was the stress of toxins in my body but then added stress of new hairloss! It was months before I was referred to a dermatologist but was disheartened when she basically told me there is no cure & a 50-50 chance of it returning. She said I was entitled to 2 wigs a year & discharged me!!!


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