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I'm a 21 year old guy.

I noticed a small patch of hair missing 2 months ago from the side of my head. About 1cm big. Hardly noticeable at all.

Now 2 months on... I have patches of hair missing from all over my head. More are still appearing everyday. They are all getting bigger each day and some are absolutely huge and i cant hide them anymore.

I've been to the doctors and she said she cant say for sure what it is so im having some blood tests on the 20th. Just wanted your opinion lol

Ive been using a cream she gave me for 2 weeks now and it hasn't stopped any of the hair falling out :(

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I really feel for you Liam The trouble is that nobody really knows what causes Alopecia and I really believe there is no cure. It's said to be caused by stress but I've lost about 50% of my hair and I don't feel stressed although there was a period 18 months ago when I was 'between homes'.

The first time I had it my hair grew back after about six months and doctors will tell you this might happen. After the most recent attack my hair did grow back but it was pure white and did not take a dye so I looked rather like a Friesian cow!

I refused to waste my money on the preparations the hairdressers suggested and finally bit the bullet, cropped what remaining hair I had and bought a wig.

Of course you don't have the option of a wig but from your photos I think you'd look great with a shaved head! More daily work for you but it's a great look and once we get some sun and your scalp gets a tan you'll look great - maybe the feeling of looking great rather than strange will stop whatever stress you're suffering from and the hair may grow back.

Nobody told me that itching is one of the symptoms of Alopecia until it was too late. I suffered from intense itching and maybe if I had known there might have been some lotion that would have had a positive effect on the hair loss. Who knows?

I wish you luck.


Cheers lol

Been to the doctors now and I had all my blood results come back normal.

Still not been told whether its alopecia or not im guessing it is

But ive got to go back on tuesday.


ask to see a dermatologist they will tell you what it is. doctors took ages to refer me, took 9 month to be told I had alopecia universils. I hope you get answers soon


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