Had Anaphylactic Reaction to Vitamin D... - Allergic to Glycols

Allergic to Glycols

Had Anaphylactic Reaction to Vitamin D3 50,000 iu (Chole) cap


My doctor wrote me a prescription on 03/15/2018 do to my Vitamin D below low (15.9).

When i got home i took one Capsule and within minutes i started feel funny. My face, eyes and neck and Chest turned red and i Started coughing. My blood pressure dropped so i took a Benadryl that i had compounded with out PEG and that stopped my reaction after 10-15 minutes but also lowered my blood pressure more. I felt drained after all this and laid down for about 12 hours.

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Hope you're feeling better. Was their PEG in the Vitamin?

Eaglefixer in reply to Jacquie7

no Peg. All i could find in it was hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

Debduck in reply to Eaglefixer

I'm not sure where you live, but where I am the only way to be sure there's no PEG in vitamins or supplements is to contact the organisation in your country that control the pharmaceutical industry, PEG will not necessarily be listed as it is an inactive ingredient. Where I live PEG is an "undeclarable excipient" and the only way to find out for non prescription drugs is through the controlling body. I've had reactions to several medications after checking with the company making them and being told they were safe. Even they didn't know that PEG was in their product as PEG was a "proprietary ingredient"

Jacquie7 in reply to Eaglefixer

I think its a polymer: drugs.com/inactive/hydroxyp...

on of these cause my husband to have night terrors: hypromellose acetate succinate 16070722, triethyl citrate, hypromelloses (Cymbalta 30mg) NDC68151-4727-3

I too have a low vitamin D at 12 but the doctor started me on 10,000 mg daily.

Eaglefixer in reply to Jacquie7

I've decided to take liquid Vitamin D3. it's 2000ui per drop and i take 4 drops a day. Not having any problems taking it either

I wrote the company that made the Vitamin D3 50,000 ui and received this email response.

"After some discussion with our raw material supplier, there is some PEG and other trace preservatives used in the manufacturing of the raw material. Otherwise, there is nothing else than what we have previously provided. I would suspect this may be where your problems arose. We have received your returned bottle and are currently investigating. We apologize again for the issues, and the refund check should be on its way. "

Jacquie7 in reply to Eaglefixer

Wow! that's amazing! Have you been feeling better?

gothchiq in reply to Eaglefixer

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose is propylene glycol and wood cellulose combined.

Everything is fine with me as long as i stay away from PEG. Thanks for asking.


Jacquie7 in reply to Eaglefixer

Did you ever get tested for Mast Cell? Cleveland Clinic is testing Kevin.

Did you get tested for Mast Cell? Cleveland Clinic is testing Kevin.

no but 2 Doctors want to do a study on me.

I'm stunned that where you are doesn't have to list PEG ingredients. What are they thinking ? ,!

I'm so glad that you did receive an apology and refund from the company .

May I ask do you live in America ?

I'm in the Uk and very very new to this game. Well it's not a game is it .

My life has been turned upside down and I'm under a team in Plymouth in England and they are having a huge learning curve to polyethylene glycol .

In the medicines in the U.K. it's also known as macrogol.

I can't even tolerate antihistamine without macrogol now. My treatment is steroids and epi pen.

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