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Locked Back

I Think this may be related to my Fibromyalgia and not my ME, only because this only started happening about 8 months ago.

Does any suffer with their back locking up.

Sometimes my back locks at the bottom of my spine but it’s to the right of the spine in the muscle and sometimes it’s in the upper back on the same side in the muscle just below my bra, it like the place where these 2 locks happen are exactly horizontal to each other xxx

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Hi tas69

Many apologies for the late reply - How are things now? Do you keep having your back lock up? I must say it isn't something I've experienced personally.

Have you thought about seeing a Chiropractor maybe?

Emma :)


To be honest I haven’t had a locked back since I started taking Purple Edition CBD oil 🤞 it’s not just a coincidence. I seen a Chiropractor a 5 years back and I couldn’t walk for almost a week, this was before I was diagnosed with Fibro and I just had the ME and Cervical Spondylitis, he even give me half of my money back because of the excruciating pain I ended up in. But thank you for replying anyway. It’s always nice to get a reply xxx

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Yes there's been much discussion about the use & benefits of CBD oil lately....glad it's helping you :)

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