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Hi I’m new to this site my daughter is two and has been having physical therapy for the last year I have been past around a lot and been told it of different things about what’s happening I was doing some reach and looking up some of the symptoms of this condition and they sound very much like what she stuffers with tiredness achy muscles complaining of pain in her legs and she has trouble with her tummy I am just wanting to know if it could be possible that she has this condition and if there is anyway of finding out thank you for reading and your time

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Its early days to try to put a label on your daughter's condition; there are all manner of things it could be. Let the doctors work it out as children can be difficult to diagnose; Just give her lots of love and cuddles and trust the doctors.

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Welcome to the AFMCG Community Shanni332 ! :)

I tend to agree with Midori I think as the symptoms for conditions like Fibromyalgia & ME are also similar to many other conditions, you may need to let the medics do the investigations before thinking too far ahead. I understand how you must be feeling as a mum myself as we worry so much about our little ones.

Try to stay strong and not worry yourself too much with searching 'google', as it could bring up a wide variety of possibilities that you could worry about when her diagnosis may be something completely different. The internet is a wonderful thing in certain circumstances but not so helpful to you at this present time as it may increase worry and anxiety. When you have a diagnosis, then the internet and charities offering help will be useful to you to help manage her health as required. Keep giving love and comfort she needs and find someone close to you to support you. Remember we are here to listen and talk as needed too.

I wondered if I could draw your attention to a post entitled 'How do I lock posts so only members of this community can read them?' as I see this post is not locked. All the information you need should you wish to lock it can be found in the post below;


Do keep us updated and please know we are thinking of you x

Emma :)


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