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BMJ Podcast: Recognising and treating Fibromyalgia

BMJ Podcast: Recognising and treating Fibromyalgia

Hello fellow members :)

I came across this yesterday (it's from 2014) however it is worth a listen! Anisur Rahman, Professor of Rheumatology University College London.

The fact the Professor states it's real and also dismisses the assumption that the symptoms are psychosomatic or due to depression. This I thought was important due to may of us reporting having GP's that are NOT Fibro friendly. He also says it is a pain amplification and mentioning a gene that may be significant.

Some GP's should listen to this, don't you agree ?!?! It's now 2017 and this was 2014 the information should be getting through - well you'd have thought it should be anyway :P

Let me know your thoughts

Emma :)

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I'm seeing him tomorrow, fingers x.

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