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hi all

hi my name is lynn, i was just wondering if someone could give me some advice please? i have all of the symptoms of having fibro but i dont want to go back to my gp and ask him to do checks as he always fobs me off and makes me feel like im over reacting, last time i saw him i told him everything and he just passed me amytryptiline and told me to up the dose once a week,.... well i was an emotional wreck!! i was hysterical all of the time and they didnt help me sleep or help ease the pain, so i stopped taking them, ive not been back since but the pain is getting to a point now and i cant be like this with a disabled child, im a single mum with hardly any help off his dad, friends help but i want to raise my son myself... is there anythingi can do/take thats not going too affect my parenting? i dont want the drugged up feeling i jut want to be able to move about without any pain thank you for reading

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Hi Lynnb89,

Welcome to the AFMCG community forum.

I can certainly remember those days searching for a diagnosis and actually had to ask for a second opinion to eventually get a Fibro diagnosis. I can really empathise with you when healthcare professionals tend to dismiss symptoms and some even call Fibro a waste basket diagnosis or think it is psychosomatic like many still do with ME, labelled 'Yuppie Flu' in the 80's.

If your healthcare provider isn't helping you, there are options like either try to see another GP at the practice, ask for a second opinion or write to the practice manager (links with information below) Or if you could ask your GP to refer you to a Rheumatologist, if s/he refuses - it is often suggested that you then ask that this is written in your notes that your request was refused which is apparently within your rights to do so - they usually refer you in most cases. If all else fails, you may need to move practices and find a sympathetic GP :)

Second Opinion: nhs.uk/chq/Pages/910.aspx?C...

Writing to Practice Manager: which.co.uk/consumer-rights...

You may also like to request a GP Pack from the UK Charity Fibromyalgia Action UK to be sent to your GP Practice - which has information to help GP's increase their knowledge and aid their decision making & suggestions for treatment. See link below:


Regarding your medications, often Amitriptyline is often prescribed as a first line treatment (it certainly was in my case), however as you say it makes you feel so numb and sleepy that it can make it heard to function. Again the treatment you are offered, goes back to finding a GP who'll listen I'm afraid but when you do, the NHS page does list medications and complementary therapies that may help (see below)


I cannot imagine how you feel and the difficulties you face being a single mother and looking after a disabled child. I would consider asking for help/support, you may need to self refer to social services for an assessment and for services that will provide this support for you and your child. Are there any services locally you can utilise? It might be worth speaking with your local Citizen Advice Bureau plus Family Lives charity may also offer support and ideas to follow up on via their support line, link below;


Living with Fibro too, I understand the symptoms you are struggling with and until you are able to get adequate healthcare there are other things you can try like Warm Epsom Salt baths and/or Wheat Bag Heat Therapy. You may want to look at your diet and try to avoid MSG.

I don't know how sensitive you are to medications, but you may like to ask your GP for the pain relief cream Capsaicin (prescription only) to try although I would always suggest a patch test as it is very hot!! (made from chilli peppers), again link below;


Apologies for the lengthy reply - Hope it helps :)

Emma :)


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