Hi all fellow suffers. Just feel like a rant this morning. I woke up yesterday with terrible pain in my right hip, it's this damn illness ever going to give me a break, it seems to be one thing after another at minute. Left hip and feet added it self to my long list of parts of the body that hurt and are hypertensive to touch. I can see people when I mention more parts of my body that are hurting,I can see them thinking well she looks ok,is also the same when I put my disabled badge in my car people's look and shake there heads at me. I feel like shouting until you know me don't judge feel free to walk a day in my shoes before u judge. That's the thing people are so judgemental. Just because we look ok from the outside, but inside our bodies is hell.

Thanks for reading my rant. Debbs☺

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  • Hi Debbs73,

    Annoying to always be judged isn't it? Especially with the Disabled Badge - In the past I've seen people purposely walk over to the car to check after I parked up !

    AFMCG used to have a printable Driver Display Notice - maybe we need to update this so local people can display when they park up. At least the person looking might read it and learn about Fibro and ME, which is a bonus and all aids awareness ) Maybe all local groups should too !

    Try not to let any judgement bother you - you know yourself the struggle you go through, fighting Fibro and who incredibly strong you are and we all ARE !!

    Keep strong and rants welcome if it gets it out, reducing the stress impact on you and your symptoms :)

    All the best

    Emma :)

  • You are so right. I have actually had people do that exact thing. I even got called a lier and told the badge I was using was not mine. The reply he got was not repeatable ,well not on here anyway. Lol.

  • Fantastic idea x

  • Just think it's not there business and they shouldn't be judgemental. Keep ur head high and ignore. Maybe smile at them

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