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Emojis for PC users

Emojis for PC users

Hi Everyone!

Just thought I'd post these even though many of you use mobile phone emojis in this modern age, this may be helpful nonetheless.......

:) colon shift0

:( colon shift9

;) semi-colon shift0

:-/ colon forward slash

:D colon capital D

:P colon capital P

:O colon capital O

8-) colon dash shift0

and one to be used to show frustration

:X colon capital X

Also if you hover over the image it will let you know thee keys to make them if you are ever unsure

If you'd like to try other Emojis & Emoticons, please visit this website for others - most seem to work here on HU.....

Enjoy the community!


Please Note: :X is not to be used in any heated exchanges between members as a sign of aggression. We have a Zero Tolerance to Cyber Bullying, please see guidelines for further information.

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