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Med change

Hi all.

Well I went to see my gp the other day to see if we can jig my meds about as pain getting worse. My feet ankles and now hips are all giving pain. These damn body pain is no good. We all no the whole body pains don't we. 😢.

Well he's upped my fentynal patch from 50mcg to 75mcg, also upped my mor phone (sevredol ) tablets from 20mg 4x daily to 40mg 4x daily. What hubby suggested was just take 30mg for a week then build upto the 40mg the following week, which makes sense. My gp is lovely he said it's no good me being in this much pain at my age. He was trying to be nice by saying"shall we sit in the corner and both cry) . As probably can guess he had me in tears. I was trying not to cry to start with, as I'm just so tied of my body being in constant pain, it's so depressing.

Anyway let's see how the new medsgo. Will keep you updated.



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