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Fibromyalgia pain

Hi all!! I can't take it anymore!! I have 3 children and suspect my 11 year old daughter has the condition to!! Drinking aloe vera helps with the stomach bloating!! I'm forever using deep heat and feel guilty because I can't do the things that I did with my 2 older children my son is 15 and my 1 of my daughters is 12 next month and my babygirl who is 3!! I feel more guilty for the youngest as my elder 2 had all my attention and energy but I can't b like that with my baby and that is what breaks my heart the hardest!! Constantly in pain and memory loss is getting beyond a joke and not to mention my Achilles snaps or tears when I stretch in my sleep coz subconsciously my body wants to stretch but it's too painfull!! I'm 33 and have other problems with physical health and it's never gonna get better!! How will I be in 20 years time!! Dreading it

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Hi hayley.

I feel your pain i really do.My pain first started when I was 18 and they put it down to growing pains😞.Fast forward a good few years and numerous operations later on my knees and shoulder. I've now got chronic pain in both of them and now my feet.I've just had injectionsin my footto try and help but now the other one is the same. Arghhhhh. I too sufferwith bad memory. I can understandwhy you feel guilty regarding your youngest daughter; but it's not your fault you are like this. Thankfully my son is nearly 22 so I wasn't as bad when he was younger. It really frustrates me that o can't do the things that I used to do. Even a short shopping trip totally wipes me out now a days. Thing is with me when my pains levels ease a little not that this is very often I do far too much in the house and try to do everything which I know is a bad thing to do, as then I make myself worse again as I've done to much. So sometimes im my own worse enemy. I never know when to stop. Feel free to rant whenever you want. Do your older kids help out with your youngest when your having bad days. I hope your eldest isn't getting the same as you. Fingers crossed for you.

Takecare of yourself.

Debbs. 😀xx

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