Hi all.

I'm new to this site. I'm on 2 other sites though.

My story started 20yrs ago.I'll give you all a brief story. I Ave had knee problem's for yrs had numerous ops on them (about 7 or 8 if I include arthroscopic ones) for only to be left with chronic pain and nothing can be done apart to manage the pain with pain killers and opiods. I also have shoulder pain after 2 ops on that, and back pain. AlSo suffer with feet ands lower leg pain. All of which my gp knows about we are trying to manage the pain which is damn hard as I'm constantly in pain, as I'm guessing all you guys are. Ive looked up things on here and Google and fell across a site on fibromyalgia after reading all the jargon,my body and it's pain have all what is described. I see is hard to make a diagnosis but I have all the symptoms I have wondered before about fibromyalgia before as my whole body hurts and feels bruised all the time. So I'm just wanting people to talk to on how you all manage, apart from meds as I take a good concoction on a daily basis.

Tia debbs

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  • hello i am Sian and i know the feeling as it does make you feel so angry when you are passed from pillar to post when it cones to finding a drug that suits. I looked up the medipen site which i have found very interesting. Warm and best wishes. Sian.xx

  • Hi San.

    Yeah it's so frustrating ams depressing. I'll have a look at that site thanks for that. Thanks Debbs. xxx

  • i am always here for you if you want a chat.

  • Hi San.

    Just thought I'd drop u a message to see how things are going for u? We spoke briefly a few months ago. So how's your fibromyalgia, are you coping ok? I've been having a crap time lately pain wise. I now get pain in my feet and hips that I never had before. I've also just been diagnosed with Genetic haemochromatosis. When I found this out I felt like screaming arghhhhhhh,does anybody want to through any other illness at me. I sometimes think I must of been a right bitch in a former life. Lol. Oh well hope your well, be nice to hear how your doing.

    Takecare Debbs X

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