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Chromically lost Voice - any advice?

Hi, I'm fairly new here. I just wanted to know if anyone has advice for getting a chronically lost voice down to (probable) ME back? I've recovered pretty well and I'm no longer severe, but I still have no voice :/ It's really frustrating. I can whisper without pain, but anything above that hurts and feels like there's a pressure pushing down on my throat. I'm really unsure what to do because the Internet says that even for a voice lost due to a sore throat you shouldn't whisper because it can damage your vocal cords. But I was wondering that maybe if I start using it all the time to whisper that the pain will eventually stop? I just don't know. Any advice? Has anyone experienced this before?

Thank you so much for reading, and any replies or advice is appreciated :)

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Hi there, as I have said to many others do not stick the fibro label to everything you experience in your health, you can be so wrong! shout and bawl make a fuss but get sorted by the right medics,, I used to dance "strictly" and teach I could also help my hubby who sings, I often lost my vocals ( that made his day ) listen to music have a sing out loud it CAN be just tired muscles but they need stimuli to work again. if it persists =back to doccy quack!!


I have been given tablets to control acid reflux and this has made a difference. I don't ache as much but it does still go hoarse when I'm talking for a while.Pauline


hi i had this in my mid 30's after a viral throat infection lasting 5 weeks. i went to specialist and had speech therapy for a year with slight improvement then had camera down to view vocal cords and they found i'd reflux so on pantoprazole since (similar drug to omeprazole but this didnt work for me) to control acid levels in stomach. had surgery to vocal cords but still never been 100% and cant talk loudly or for too long as gets very sore painful and tired. i have since been diagnosed with coeliac disease too aged 40. malnutrition as a result of this may have been cause of a 5wk long viral infection. at 49 i appear to also have fibromyalgia which i was told in my 30's but improved on a gluten-free diet until recently.

get your GP t refer to specialists


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