Chromically lost Voice - any advice?

Hi, I'm fairly new here. I just wanted to know if anyone has advice for getting a chronically lost voice down to (probable) ME back? I've recovered pretty well and I'm no longer severe, but I still have no voice :/ It's really frustrating. I can whisper without pain, but anything above that hurts and feels like there's a pressure pushing down on my throat. I'm really unsure what to do because the Internet says that even for a voice lost due to a sore throat you shouldn't whisper because it can damage your vocal cords. But I was wondering that maybe if I start using it all the time to whisper that the pain will eventually stop? I just don't know. Any advice? Has anyone experienced this before?

Thank you so much for reading, and any replies or advice is appreciated :)

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  • Hi there, as I have said to many others do not stick the fibro label to everything you experience in your health, you can be so wrong! shout and bawl make a fuss but get sorted by the right medics,, I used to dance "strictly" and teach I could also help my hubby who sings, I often lost my vocals ( that made his day ) listen to music have a sing out loud it CAN be just tired muscles but they need stimuli to work again. if it persists =back to doccy quack!!

  • I have been given tablets to control acid reflux and this has made a difference. I don't ache as much but it does still go hoarse when I'm talking for a while.Pauline

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