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I have had fibromyalga for 4 years and cervical disc bulges. Plantar fasiatus and carpel tunnel .I am lots of tablets for this with little pain relieve. I went on holiday for 10 nights and went straight back to work after 1 week bag ar doctors as in a he'll of alot of pain .not only do I get pain and pins and needles in hands I aslo have carpel tunnel and now tendinitis aswell. How much more can I take , but I am still working as not ready to give up.

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Oh my..... that is a lot to bare!! I am impressed that you are still able to work..... but I think it's good for people to have somewhere to go, to feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose. I hope that your employer is supportive of your needs. Take good care each and every day!!! :)


Thanks for replying but not so good this week as pain in my elbows and hand I cannot cope with . Now on morphine with is not great and doctor phoning me tomorrow so I can see if I can up the dose of the morphine .How are you?


Oh ...... that is soooo much for you to handle!! Must you work no matter what?? or could you cut back hrs. or...... no longer be employed?? I have been 'early retired' for a year now. Believer me..... I did NOT want to.... and I've had a very tough year. But it has helped me a lot and it was a very good decision. Perhaps think about the possibilities and/options .....


p.s. I am good today .... mainly because i had a very good and LONG sleep last night and have only done sitting things today..... computer things..... I consider myself lucky that, for the most part, i can adjust my days according to my needs!! it's the only way i could do it!! Take good care and stay in touch.... let us know how it's going for you.... and ask more?'s as needed!! :)


Hi cas 1975

I am now in the situation where i am wondering if it is in my best interest to continue working. I am 46 can i ask how old you are?

Do you get financial help etc? and how did you go about it all - did your GP state that you were not able to work anymore?




Hello Poppyann1,

Welcome to the AFMCG Community

If I may, could we discuss your current medications as Morphine is not advised for the treatment of Fibro. Reports have shown it is not effective as we lack the opioid receptors in our brains so the dose will continually need to be increased as it will not have the same effect as the first dose. The problems therein lies the issues with addiction and various side effects that are not worth it due to the lack of benefits (ie possible opioid induced Hyperanalgesia)

Please see link;

My current treatment is Pregabalin, Pramiprexole, Tramadol and I know we are all individual but this is a good combination for me. The idea with Fibro medications are to try to address the neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine & dopamine etc. Have you tried a SSRI or SNRI at all? (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor or Selective Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor) Tramadol is an Opioid but research has suggested its efficacy might be down to the serotonin pathway it has in its pharmalogical process.

Here's an abstract from an article which discusses recommended treatments;

Alongside medication of course when pain & fatigue is moderately controlled is the benefits of gentle exercise (builds exercise intolerance but not suggested in ME/SEID), relaxation like progressive muscle relaxation, stretching, complementary therapies (ie hydrotherapy, massage, myofasical release) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Emotional Freedom Technique (ie stress reduction/control) etc etc ........

You may find before my little one was born and now needs many cuddles so cannot use, that a cream called Capsaicin might help too.

Capsaicin should be used with caution as made from Capsicum peppers and in some individuals with sensitivities it is not tolerated so in my humble opinion it should always be patch tested in a small area for 24hrs before any application!

Just to tell you a bit about my background, I am the founder of this group and up until recently was a volunteer for Fibroaction for 2.5 years and for Fibromyalgia Action UK for a few months as FibroAction merged with Fibromyalgia Association UK. Just in case you were wondering where the knowledge comes from ! :)

I sincerely hope this helps as I understand the experience of long term chronic pain and how difficult it is to continue to maintain some sort of normality. Couple of questions if I may as this is quite long answer already;

Have you been referred to a pain clinic?

Do you get support from work?

Take Care

Emma :)


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