Hello everyone. I am new to all this!!!!

Good morning everyone.I had struggled for 10 years with various aches,pains,depression,ulcerated colitis etc.when one day I had enough and was referred to Norfolk n Norwich rheumatology department.I met a lovely doctor who explained to me what was happening and it was Fibromalgia. That was last year and since then my pain has gotten even worse.Severe sciatic trouble which takes the breath from my lungs in its intestity.!Am hoping rheumy rehab will help on 29april.FINGERS CROSSED.

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  • Exercise exercise exercise, having the symptoms you have you need to be moving more. Ask for a referral to pain management at the Hampshire clinic in Basingstoke xx Sara xx

  • exercise what a joke if i did any i would be bed bound we are advised to use the pacing method not serious dangerous exercise

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