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Could it be Myofascial Tension ? I've been experiencing

So, I blogged recently about the recent tension in my muscles in particular my biceps and the noticable /palpable hardening in the muscle in particular the right arm.

After mentioning my symptoms to many Health Professionals who commenting about it's odd presentation, I spoke to a very knowledgable lady who suggested Myofascial Pain Syndrome.

Another thing to add to the list !

After reading the link below I think this is highly likely as it all fits and it states that many living with Fibromyalgia can in fact have this syndrome alongside each other


I thought I'd blog in case any other members experience similiar symptoms

Thank You for all the comments on the last blog.

Just off to read up on it and what can help relieve the pain & tension if anything

Looking forward to hearing your comments & reading your blogs too! :)

M x

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I get really bad groin pain (on the right side) - its been happening for years..I dont know what it is, any clues?

When it happens i can't walk when it happens,,its can last 10 mins to 2 days...any suggestions people ??x


I have myofascial pain as well as fibro and don't know which is worse. The tight lumps or knots under my jaw are very painful. I thought they were infected lymph nodes until I saw a rheumatilogist.


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