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andover med centre

can anyone reccomend the best doctor to see at the andover med centre ( the surgery in front of the hospital) for fibro?

had a physio appt today. at my last appt she asked me to read up on fibro as she thought this is what i might have. when i told her it rang true she agreed that i have fibro. i thought she'd do that tender point test thingy but she didn't. turns out that was my last appt too, i now have no rheumy, no physio and no doctor looking after me. i get told i have fibro and then i'm on my own :(

am gonna see what doc says and maybe get some meds or something to help things. i'm not in too much pain atm but the tiredness is crazy.

sorry i ended up rambling, thanks

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Hello Elvis77,

Unfortunately I personally cannot help answer your question as I am not registered with this surgery. Can I remind the community that are guidelines state that no person should be named openly on the forum and any answers including GP names should be messaged privately to Elvis777 please.

I totally understand what you have experienced and many of us can relate to the way you are feeling. All I can say is keep fighting even tho' you may feel you are not getting anywhere. That's what I did and eventually found a GP who understands & I have had referrals to London FMS Clinic too.

If you find that others can recommend a Fibro friendly GP at your surgery, do consider asking them for a Rhuematology appointment and a referral to Pain Clinic too. Here is a link about Pain Clinics,

There is lots of information on the internet about Fibromyalgia & it's treatments that you can read up on to discuss with GP to help alleviate some of your symptoms.

Here is a link to downloadable factsheets from FibroAction you can print them if that helps,

I wish you well and hope you have more success with another GP

Emma :)


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