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Feel very weak after ablation

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Hello , is anyone feel very weak after ablation ? Its my 5 th day after, and i feel heavy head , no energy , can't even walk much, so tired . Is anyone had similar experience. I really appreciate any advice. Thank you very much ! And i had GA!


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Hello - please feel free to contact the A F Association for any support and advice, alternatively, you may find the 'Recovering from an Ablation' factsheet helpful? heartrhythmalliance.org/afa...

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Janna24 in reply to TracyAdmin

Thank you Tracy!

Hi Janna

After my first two ablations I felt exactly as you've described. To be honest I felt better the day I left hospital after the procedure, than I felt in the days that followed. The tiredness would come over me in waves. It took weeks after the first one and months after the second before I felt I had enough energy and slightly normal again. These ablations were performed under sedation.

After my third ablation I felt better immediately and didn't have any of the tiredness. This one was performed under a general anaesthetic. I don't think that the different ways ablations are performed has any effect on how we are going to feel afterwards.

Only you know just how tired you're feeling right now and there's no reason why you can't let your EP know too, if you feel it's not right. From my experience the tiredness is normal, but I don't know just how extreme yours is. I certainly didn't feel like doing much for the first week afterwards, but after then very slowly built up little by little.

Please let us know how you progress.


Thank you Jean for sharing you experience! I am very tired , dont have any strength right now . I keep resting until tomorrow. If its continue , i will call my EP , i may need take some vitamins , it may help. And you right , i also feel first day better then now !!!

I eventually ended up being diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, caused by some medication I'd been on. I'd always thought my tiredness was the result of having AF and everyone with the condition felt the same.

Exactly how i feel now. I may have something else , but i hope its ablation and GA ! I guess if its continue i have to call my EP , or GP!

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What do you expect? Your body has had a traumatic attack and it will take quite some time to recover. You aer not spposd to be doing anything for a week and not much more the nexxt anyway. Have you read the recover fact sheet? heartrhythmalliance.org/res...

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Janna24 in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob, i did expect be tired , but maybe bit less ! I do take it easy also, just bit scared , hope i be back to my normal self one day !

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Janna24

Plenty of recovering still to do . Don't even think about trying to do much for another couple of weeks . The instructions we give are week one TV remote only , week two maybe make some tea. Thereafter slowly regain normality BUT always listen to your body and don't push it. You may not have a giant zip up your front but your heart has still been hurt.

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Janna24 in reply to BobD

Yes , you are right . I have only energy for tv now!!! I try to make some food , but feel terrible after. I guess i be in bed rest of my week . Thanks for kind replay !!

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Jajarunner in reply to Janna24

But I was told not to sit for more than an hour at a time, due to the risk of blood clots, so don't take it toooo easy 😃

Has your fever gone now?

Yes it gone ! Thanks

Tiredness after ablation is normal. Many EPs say you should be back to normal after a week or so, but i have seen a study where many, if not most, respondents said they did not start to make progress to full fitness until 3 to 4 months had elapsed. Obviously everyone is different, but as has been said before, rest and take the recovery slowly.

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Janna24 in reply to Batigol

Thanks for cheerful message , i definitely taking it easy . Really helpful advice !

Hi janna, don’t worry or be scared. It’s only 5 days.!! Your heart will be feeling a little upset at been prodded poked and heat treated. Just take it easy, plenty of rest and watching TV. You’ll start feeling better I’m sure. Best wishes Ron.👍

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Janna24 in reply to Jetcat

Thank Ron ! Really appreciate cheerful message !!!!! Really hope so

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Jetcat in reply to Janna24

I felt awful for first 2 to 3 weeks after my third ablation then I started getting more energy and feeling like I was getting somewhere. Sometimes I think we expect too much from ourselves too? Especially when we hear of some people having ablations and they seem fine in no time.!! But we all heal different , some fast, some slower. You’ll get there janna. 👍

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Janna24 in reply to Jetcat

Soo true !!! I was reading , some people recover very easy and fast. I was hoping my recovery going to be easy!!! But we all different , iand we do it different way !!! Thank you

I had ablation in March and was extremely tired for weeks after. Mixed with the meds especially the beta blockers you cannot really expect to be anything else. Please don’t do anything strenuous for at least 6 weeks. Slowly you will begin to recover and hopefully AF free 😊

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Janna24 in reply to stoneyrosed

Thanks a lot. Glad you doing well now

Took me about a month to get back to normal, in that period to don't be worried if your resting heart rate varies too.

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Janna24 in reply to BorgUK1of9

Thanks for sharing you experience. I am glad you ok now!

Yes sounds exactly like how I felt. Best wishes ☘️

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Janna24 in reply to Eirecara

Thank you

Hi Janna, I actually had the opposite. After a week I felt a decade younger. Much more energy and buzzing to get on with life. I know that’s not an expected outcome however I genuinely felt this way. Maybe give it another few days and see how you feel. Everyone is different however I’m sure you will improve very soon xx

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Janna24 in reply to Jaco53

I am glad you had good experience. Thank you for well wishes!!

I'm in my 5th recovery week after cryo ablation under local sedation and only now I feel like I'm turning the corner and feeling like my old self. I admit now I probably did too much and needed to rest more. Plenty of power naps during the day helps. Try not to overthink things too it saps away your energy and makes you feel even more tired. Try some mindfulness and listen to some classical/peaceful music. Alexa has a good selection of relaxation music. 😁You will get there in the end!! Take care. X

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Janna24 in reply to Nick1957

Thank you so much . I hope so!!!

Hi Janna, your body has suffered a major trauma although you only have a small scar. I'm five months post second ablation and still getting fatigued, tho I'm always a slow healer. Take it easy and hope you feel better soon xx

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Janna24 in reply to Jajarunner

Thank you so much for you kind words !!!

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Singwell in reply to Jajarunner

Jaja we are neck and neck (though it's my first ablation). Hope you're doing well. I've felt different these last two weeks. Fingers crossed for us both.

Hello Janna24 just had my second ablation 5 days ago as well, like the first one am pretty wiped out and not a ton of energy at all. Heart palpitations from time to time as well. Very similar to the recovery from the first one.Makes sense though the heart has taken multiple serious burns and does not have the benefit of being on the outside of the body to heal faster. Take everything real slow and don't push it - take the time to recover as you don't get a second chance. After a few weeks you will start bouncing back I am sure you have nothing to worry about. Everyone heals in their own good time.

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Janna24 in reply to listerines

Thanks a lot !! I am taking easy!! Good luck to you with recovery!!!!

Very much so! Your body has been through a lot. Be kind to yourself and rest up. When you feel a bit more energy, potter for a bit then rest again. Gently does it and it will all get gradually better from here. I was in bed most of the day for three weeks but got up for food etc. 14 weeks on and I am back doing normal things and working 30 hours a week. I never thought I would get there and in hindsight so quickly.

Best wishes to you for a swift complete recovery 😊

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Janna24 in reply to Diddyd

Thank you so much !!! Glad you are recovered very well !!!!

Hi, I'm in my fourth week after a cryo ablation and fort the first week felt drained and weak. It didn't help that I had a series of migraine auras and a bad attack of af in the first day or so which put me in hospital. Since then I've had one minor run of Af . It took until this week for me to feel anything approaching normal so I suggest you lie back and enjoy doing not a lot! You will feel better in a few weeks but it all takes time. Best wishes x

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Janna24 in reply to bassets

Thank you so much for well wish !!! And best of luck to you too !!!!

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bassets in reply to Janna24


Wow, you got a lot of responses to this one! As you will have gathered by now, feeling tired is both normal and actually a 'good thing' as you are supposed to do as little as possible at first, to recover from the insult/damage to your heart. Please be reassured, it does get better. My ablation was at the end of June, and last Friday and Saturday I managed to climb up a couple of hills in the woodland walks I was doing. Slow, steady gets you there, but not until you can!

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Janna24 in reply to momist

I was lucky to get so much kind replays ! I did feel better , knowing i am not alone ! I am glad you recover so well , and continue to do so! Thanks for sharing you story, it did helps !!!

Post ablation, varies quite a lot.Took me over a week before I started to feel ok. You will get better.

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Janna24 in reply to Jimmy37

Thanks a lot !! I hope so! Glad you are ok now !

I felt like I’d been run over by a truck for weeks. EP said everyone is different. Slowly recovered after about 6 weeks. Rest. Listen to your body. I cried and felt terrible thinking I was acting like a baby til I talked to others who had same experience. Best wishes to you.

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Janna24 in reply to Jctga

Thank you so much !!! I totally understand you. Was crying myself few times ! Best of luck to you too!!

Tiredness is common after an ablation, but I would say that if it is not improving after a few days and/or is very marked, you should contact your cardiac nurse team (or the cardiac nurses at BHF). They should be able to point you in the right direction. The GA *might*'explain the tiredness, particularly if the procedure was a lengthy one.

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Janna24 in reply to Samazeuilh

Thank a lot ! I will do it . Hope it goes away soon

Hi janna, I haven't had an ablation (yet) so haven't got anything to add to the good advice given but wanted to wish you well and encourage you to take it easy 🌸

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Janna24 in reply to Fullofheart

Its very kin of you!!! Thank you so much !i wish you , very easy and successful one in future !!!

Expect the be up and down with energy levels. And 5 days in treat yourself as though you're down even if up 😉. I definitely had bouts of lethargy even weeks later. If you're worried reach out to your arrythmia nurse. Get some healthy ready meals in if needed (they do exist!) And just be kind to yourself. You'll be in convalescence for a while.

So true ! Still down in energy , but better than yesterday ! And i do try eat healthy, sadly developed sweet teeth!!!thanks for you kind advice !!

Hello Janna24 -- I felt as you do after both my ablations, on and off as in waves, for about a two-week period. I gradually gained strength and then suddenly was completely back to normal. Each person's body reacts differently, and our bodies heal differently. Just give it time, and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Hello and thank you so much for cheerful replay . I do have more confidence in my future now. I am glad you recovered completely, hope i do the same !!!!

Absolutely. I had an ablation 3 years ago when I was 52, and mowed my quite large lawn a few days later. Not Good. I returned to work the following week and had to leave early on the Friday because I was weak and exhausted.Doctors will tell you that you will be back running and exercising within 2 weeks but I'd take that with a pinch of salt. It takes a few weeks.

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Janna24 in reply to afafaf

I think so , so far so slow !! Glad you on now !!!

Hi Janna, just take it easy you have anywhere from 50 to 70 burns made in your heart. Be kind to yourself and just rest. Try not to eat big meals , stick to just fruit and veg if you can for healing and a good bone broth instead of a meal is even better ( check no salt) . Janna are you still on medications as it could be this that is also sucking the life out of you. I battled with AF for a year in different medications until on the 23rd March this year Flecainide caused a crazy arythmia in my heart that completely stopped it. So after an emergency ablation I am not on any medication and stick to a super healthy lifestyle ( no more endurance sport) . I think was up to a week after ablation I was very weak . Everyone is different some people go back to work 4 days after. Check your blood pressure that it is not too low as some medications can cause this. Take care and I pray for the best results for you.

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Janna24 in reply to WEULE

Thank you so much WEULE for you kind and useful advice ! I am on small dose of bisoprolol 1.25 abn edoxaban . It does contribute to my tiredness also. And i try to eat healthy . No coffee , no tea . Hopefully I feel better soon! I glad you ok now. It was hard journey for to!! I wish you all the best in you recovery too!!

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