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Feeling exhausted and breathless after PM Implant and 2nd Ablation of the AV Node

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HI all: I've been researching my butt off this forum and you are all wonderful. I do this to seek answers for my Mum and I'm hoping to find some other answers / suggestions here. Thank you for listening.

OK Mum, 77, Groovy, active, fit. Ablation performed July 14, 2017. PM Implant next day (Medtronic Dual Chamber PM). Since that day total breathlessness. Heart rate set at 70. 6 Days Later reset to 60 but feeling dreadful and EP suggested he do the AV Node Ablation the next day. Done. So 3 operations in a week but she's a trooper.

Only problem is that she has continued breathlessness. No energy. Nauseous in the morning. I cannot find any answers. Everyone says that she should be fine by now. Quality of life - pretty crappy for an active person.

Has had High Blood Pressure all here life. Cardiologist seems to think that she has Sick Sinus Syndrome now. The Cardio and EP are some of the best in their field so yes I feel confident but then I don't as we still don't have answers.

Feeling desperate for my Mum. And no, she's not anxious as we've been through this. She isn't that kind of a person. She's angry cause she wants her life back.

Sorry for the long rant, thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you all - such wise people.

Thanks Sharyne

Any suggestions would be greatfully received.

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It really is still very early days given the dates you quote. I can tell you that it take months just to get rid of the anaesthetic never mind the three assaults that her heart has suffered.

I am a little surprised at the speed at which things have been done. Why for example did she have a pacemaker fitted so soon after her ablation? My last ablation took me six months to feel normal again. I would have thought it normal for at least a six week break between implantation and AV node ablation as well to allow the body to get used to the pacemaker and ensure that it was working well.

My point is that for whatever reason all this must have an accumulative effect far greater than any single one of those treatments and I think you should ignore what other people might say about how she should be feeling.

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zetagirl in reply to BobD

Oh Bob, thanks so much for replying. You've made my day. Someone is reading this. Thank you.

The speed was due to her heart stopped whilst on the table, the electrical storm in her heart was off the charts, 4 years of AFib and 5 "zaps" to get back into rhythm over that time. It sounded logical. So the following week, well the visit to the EP and Mum was just feeling awful, incapable of walking, eating, zero energy and always out of breath, dizziness, felt like fainting. As the AV Node was going to happen anyway, get it done now.

What's odd is that up to the Implant she was "fine" breathing wise etc. Since then, BAM - and I can understand there has to be a water under the bridge. No meds have changed. I guess I'm just cautious as the Dr's say she should not be feeling this way. Just looking for answers Bob, trusting no one and reading up on side effects of meds. Bit of a sceptic these days!

Anyway, love you for replying, I trust that you are fighting fit and BTW I'm in Sydney Australia, where do you hale from?



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BobDVolunteer in reply to zetagirl

Hi Sharyne I'm in North Devon England where it is blowing a gale and chucking water out of the sky. Don't you love global warming!

I do understand as I had a similar situation where thanks to a trillion to one off event some treatment stopped my heart earlier this year but apart from broken ribs from the CPR I did not have any other treatment. All further tests could find no reason for it so other than my usual anticoagulant and some BP meds I suffered no ongoing effects from it. My arthritis slows me far more than my ticker these days but that is down to fifty five years of worshipping at the altar of motor sport. Too many late nights laying on cold concrete floors or out in a muddy paddock!

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zetagirl in reply to BobD

Oh My Bob, talk about attention seeking. Happy to see you came out the other end. What a hoot! England hey! How cool is this! Don't mention GW - you know it's a hoax! Don't get me started. We have Bathurst coming up next month. Surely you've heard of that?

Just out of interest which blood thinner are you on? Mum's on Warfarin....just wondering and asking a bunch of questions. Thanks Bob.

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BobDVolunteer in reply to zetagirl

Sorry my post seems to have got lost and I have been out . I am on warfarin and have been with zero problems for fifteen years. Yes I am aware of Mount Panorama and Conrod straight but never been so far. Never say never.

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zetagirl in reply to BobD

So true Bob, so true. Thanks again for being there.

Zetagirl, it is excellent that you are seeking advice and more help for your mother. Surly You will find a number of useful advices and your mothers situation will improve. It may take some time and trying different approaches. PM need to be arranged step by step to be convenient for your mother recent and later improved situation. It can be done

I am wife off 77 years man and from may 2016 I am learning and seeking advice and knowledge so as you are doing. I learned that after ablation there is period of upp to 6 months when there may be increase of problems. The reason is that the ablated heart tissue is healing. You can find a lot of knowledge at StopAfib,org Forum. You are great support to your mother to which I congratulate for super daughter. Good luck.

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zetagirl in reply to Arveno

Aww, gee thanks for super daughter comment. She is worth it as she is my Super Mum. If I tell her 6 mths to recover, she will not be happy. Thank you very much for the Forum link. I will check this out. All the best to you Arveno. Your 77 years man is very luck to have you too. Be well. Thank you. Sharyne

Hi Sharyne, so sorry to hear your mum is having such a tough time but pleased she is a positive sort of a girl and has you in her corner.

Here in England perhaps our EPs do things in a slightly different way to your neck of the woods but I am sure you can rely on them having made the best decision for your mum under her unique circumstances. As you say you are confident in the team being some of the best. My relative had a straight forward ablation some years ago in Sydney and after a fair old recovery time was back to a good life and flying here every couple of years for holidays.

As Bob says she has had a triple whammy of ops in a short time and recovery will be long but the outcome should give her a new lease of life. I do hope medics can ease her journey as currently she is in an awful tunnel and it's dreadful to see your lovely mum under such physical distress. Keep pushing your medics and don't hesitate to get in touch with them if you feel your mum is not coping or has any weird symptoms you feel especially more concerned about.

Thinking of you both from rain soaked England and sending cyber hugs, please keep us update on your mums journey so we can see her progress and support you both along the way.

Have a good day. X

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zetagirl in reply to meadfoot

Thank you for your kind words meadfoot. Such a wonderful caring forum. Yes I will. Hope you all dry out soon...Cheers, Sharyne

So sorry to hear all this. ......but im going through the same. After exactly the same procedures. My pm and abulatuons done november 2016. Im only 52. And had every hope my life would be bk. Im suffering identical symptons. And have every sympathy with yr mum. Like you ive tried researching why im like this. Bit seem to find only answers from people who are feeling that its worked for them

Im bk at bristol royal infirmary tomorrow and im hoping they will give me some answers. As until now its just been wait and see it could just be taking a while to settle down. But i know something nots right.

I hope your mum finds her answers and ill post how i get on tomorrow .....this isnt in my head i just want to be normal again and not feel so sick. Exhauted. And breathless .

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zetagirl in reply to donna_1965

Hi Donna: oh you poor luv! Yes please, I'd love to hear how you get on. Have they changed your Rate Response? Given you breathing exercises? What makes me mad is that if this is the norm then why did everyone say "oh you'll feel like a brand new person" Good luck and try to stay positive.

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zetagirl in reply to donna_1965

Hi Donna: how did you go? Did you get some answers? Are you feeling any better?

hi thete i sure your mom will be ok takes a while after any procedure for your body to get back to normal im sure the cardologist tbought it was best to do thngs together and wouldnt put your mom in danger time is a great healer also the older you ate ths longsr healjng takes x

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zetagirl in reply to pamb76

Thank you pamb76 for your words of support.

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