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1st Ablation

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This may be a difficult answer to gauge because people leave the forum.

How many people have had only one ablation and are AF free and for how long ?

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1st abalation. aug 2019 I do get ectopics quite often

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kalgs in reply to Padayn01

Thanks hope things go well

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You hit the nail square there. Those with 100% success seldom hang around here. Don't get too hung up in it though kalgs as you have SO much time before you will know how successful yours has been. Start worrying in six months.

My three left me AF free since 2008 but as most know I then developed a different arrhythmia about four years ago. Still the best thing I had done apart from cancer op. in 2010

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kalgs in reply to BobD

Thanks Bob. Actually I’m not as anxious as you might think. My background has told me to ask and enquire and then make my mind up. It’s been good to take advantage of the experience of the people on this forum. It certainly help me make my mind up about having an ablation in the first place. For that I’m exceedingly grateful

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Jacky52 in reply to BobD

That is so true Bob, once I realised My ablation was a success, I did no longer contribute to the forum . I think I just didnt want to think about Afib any longer and keep reliving it all. I'm back now seeking reassurance and advice from the forum. After my next ablation I'm going to make sure I stay around to offer advice to whoever I may be able to help .

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SteelHeart in reply to Jacky52


I did well for nearly six years, I did still get occasional breakthroughs but this was usually due to working night shifts and once was from a very spicy meal in a restaurant. A few months after the ablation I felt amazing and living without constant Afib was a life changer .

Prior to the ablation my afib was very bad, and I was taken into Barts quickly as I was told I was at risk of going into permanent Afib ..

Early days for you Kalgs, rest well and try to relax .All the best to you .

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kalgs in reply to Jacky52

How are you now. Is that your only ablation?

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Jacky52 in reply to kalgs

I'm going in Barts this thursday for my second ablation . Unfortunately the past few years have not been good. I have had major stress in my life . I work in mental health which can be stressful along with the shift patterns. Also I have been full time carer for my dad, I could go on but I won't haha.

I suppose I'm trying to say without these intense past few years, could I have carried on longer without the need for another ablation .

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kalgs in reply to Jacky52

Sorry to hear about your stressful life. Good luck for Thursday. KeepSafe

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Jacky52 in reply to kalgs

Thank you Kalgs.

It's the $50million question isn't it? I had mine done 5 months ago and have had some breakthrough episodes but none recently. they told me only 40% chance success instead of 60% due to my pain response during the procedure. So I'm guessing the 60% first time is a kind of bench mark.

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kalgs in reply to Singwell

Thanks. Hope you keep well .

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Singwell in reply to kalgs

Doing OK I think. Follow up in three weeks by phone and then we'll see. I definitely feel a difference but of course would like to be off the heavy duty meds.

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kalgs in reply to Singwell

Good luck

One ablation fourteen months ago, no AFib since. They told me that there was 'only' a 70% success rate. Fortunately, I was in that group.

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kalgs in reply to Physalis

Great news . Are you on meds ?

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Physalis in reply to kalgs

No, not for AFib apart from apixaban (Eliquis).

I have just started taking Alendronic acid 70mg once a week and Adcal-D3 twice a day for osteopenia. Adcal-D3 is colecalciferol 400iu with calcium carbonate. I'm not sure I need them because I drink about two pints of milk a day and take 3000iu a day of Vit D.

Excellent news on the Afib front.In my opinion you have been treated exceptionally well for your osteopenia.Bisphosponates( Alendronic acid) plus vitamin d and calcium( Adcal-D3).I personally would continue with them.The evidence for two pints of milk a day and 3000iu a day of Vit D is not available for osteopenia ( borderline osteoporosis).Your Consultant or GP have done an excellent job in prescribing evidence based prescriptions,you are a fortunate lady.

Talking about this this morning has made me think that with two pints of milk and a high dose of VitD already,1220 mg calcium and 3000 iu Vit D, I don't need an extra 3000mg of calcium carbonate and 800 iu of VitD each day. However, maybe just one tablet giving me 2720 mg of calcium would be worth taking.

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Auriculaire in reply to Physalis

You should take vit K2 to make sure all that calcium is going where it should be and not into soft tissues. You are taking a very large amount of calcium..

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Physalis in reply to Auriculaire

Yes, I take Vitamin C 100mg & Zinc 15mg daily. Only £4.99 for a year's supply, what's not to like?!

I guess I'll be alright if I just take one Adcal 1500 mg tablet a day.

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Physalis in reply to Auriculaire

I read K2 as Zinc, don't know why. I'll look it up.

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Jajarunner in reply to Physalis

That's interesting. I was told 50 percent for first, 80-90 for second. I guess that's over a period of five years?

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Physalis in reply to Jajarunner

On their website the British Heart Foundation says "For around 90 per cent of those who have it, catheter ablation is successful". They don't say how successful.

My cardiologist said 'only 70%' to prepare me, I suppose, for the possibility that I might be one of those in the 30% for whom it wouldn't be successful.

My RF ablation was October 2018. Occassional ectopics and short runs afib but otherwise all ok so far, fingers crossed.

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kalgs in reply to Cat04

Wonderful. Great outcome .

kalgs,I had my PVI in Feb this year. If you would have asked me at three months I would have doubted my intelligence in having the procedure! The telemetry from my pacemaker confirms no AFIB since procedure.

I am off Beta Blockers only taking Xarelto. My energy levels started roaring back at about four months. I was concurrently recovering from a RTKR so how much that influenced recovery is hard to tell. I am now lifting my aerobic fitness and can now pretty much back to back days with 6000 steps a day. TKR recovery initially was limiting how much excercise I could do. Pretty much got a good balance between aerobic and muscle recovery working now. Am able to take advantage of the adult recommended weekly 10 drink limit and remain AFIB free.

What will happens next week, with our wacko world, who knows!!

Really really glad I had both the TKR and the ablation!

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kalgs in reply to Geoffa1

What a great outcome. So good to hear and thanks for the reply

Good to see you again, kalgs. You keep asking away 😃I had second in April, 11 months after first. Last week I was told it hadn't worked fully as I now have atrial tachycardia, but hopefully meds will control that 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

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kalgs in reply to Jajarunner

Keep safe I hope the meds work

I had mine three years ago …total success! Cryablation. Taking Sotalol and Apixaban xx

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kalgs in reply to Mouchkin

So still on meds .?? Understand Apixaban but why the other .

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Mouchkin in reply to kalgs

I am in my 80 s maybe for back up…and I am doing well.

After my first ablation I lasted 8 years. I still had what I call micro bouts occasionally but nothing to impact on my quality of life. Had to have a second ablation 10 years later as it came back with a vengeance but once again it's settled down and back to being grateful for my quality of life two and a half years later. Good luck with it.

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kalgs in reply to Odmidod


I had my first ablation 17 months ago. Unfortunately it was unsuccessful and I'm on the list for a second. No one seems to have a clue how long the wait will be.Meanwhile I'm on flecainide 150mg bisoprolol 2.5mg and rivaroxaban 20mg.

Feel breathless since flecainide increased by 50mg in May.

Afib on average every 11 days, lasts approximately 4hrs after taking 1 further flecainide as advised by cardiologist.

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kalgs in reply to Jamflake

So sorry to hear about your situation. Hope the next ablation is successful

Hi. I had my first ablation in June2018. Since then I have had one 40 minute bout of AFib, and I have very rare bouts of ectopics, usually brought on by my stupidity. I can go for several weeks without thinking of it at all, other than reading this forum regularly. Good luck, Sue

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kalgs in reply to Flossie72

Great news . Thanks

Hi kalgs. I had one cryo-PVI ablation 37 months ago (Aug. 2018). I have been completely AF free since that time. :-)

Good luck, Richard

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kalgs in reply to Breezera


Had ablation in Feb-- so far so good-- have Pvc's rarely-- no medication except Eliquis

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kalgs in reply to 1Havanese

Good news

I had my only abalation 6 weeks ago but my friend who i discussed having it with had hers 8 years ago with no reoccurrence.

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kalgs in reply to Pingli

Great news

First abalation for paroxsymal afib oct 2020 not a total success as came off meds around 3 month mark and went back into having multiple periods of afib. But went back on meds and far more stable after ablation for 6-7 months with only minor hiccups and off and on pacs (ectopics). 2nd ablation this past Tuesday and keeping my fingers crossed (ectopics still there but better than afib) . Have a bruise the size of a watermelon on my right inner thigh from ablation that is currently keeping me out of any bikini contests 😉. Keep safe and keep asking away (people not forced to read or respond)

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kalgs in reply to listerines

Thanks and good luck with your recovery

One ablation in November 2019 and no AF since. I also take no meds.

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kalgs in reply to Madscientist16


Kalgs, personally my ablation kept out of Afib for two years. That ablation took place in 2017. However, I was 75 at that time. My experience is the younger one is at the time of the ablation the better the longevity. My two examples are friends who had their ablations in their 30s … that was 15 plus years ago

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kalgs in reply to Idahohorse

How are you now?

Doing okay but living with PVCs and Supraventricular ectopy

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kalgs in reply to Idahohorse

So sorry to hear that . Is there a plan for treatment?

It’s called mind over matter or positive thinking. Although I am 78 I have a 13 year old daughter who I love dearly. I cannot afford to be anything other than positive and to constantly ignore the discomfort with my cardio condition. What has helped is deep breathing exercises AND praying. Further, I recognize the reality that I am 78. I have lived a good life and understand that life is a cycle. Focusing on the good of each day takes away much of the cardio discomforts. Now, go find a flower and study it beauty and you will smile. Blessings to you from an Idaho cowboy

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