1st Ablation


I had my first ablation last Monday, and all seemed to be going OK no groin pain no bruising or swelling.

Didn't drive for 4 days as told by my doctor all seemed perfect maybe too good to be true, now however I seem to be getting chest pains that are in my back too around the area of my heart and feeling breathless and drained how all my episodes made me before I had the ablation done but it also hurts when i swallow any drink or have anything to eat which isn't that helpful.

Has anyone else had these sorts of pains?


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  • Hi Claire , all kinds of things can go on whilst the heart is still recovering. However I would phone the arrhythmia nurse at the hospital where you had your ablation for advice.


  • good call Sandra. Clare you will have lots of funnies in the next three months as your heart heals so if concerned please do call the Arrhythmia nurse or if the hospital doesn't have one then the EP department who performed the procedure. Gps are usually out of their depth at this time.

  • Hi

    I phone the place I had it done and they told me to book in with my GP as it doesnt sound like anything to do with the ablation but surely chest pains/discomfort would be to do with it?

    And my GP as lovely as he is just googles everything so doesnt fill you with much confidence in his abilities

  • It is quite likely a reaction to the ablation, probably slight damage to your oesophagus from the heat. This is not uncommon so I have no idea why the hospital told you that. I would be inclined to speak to the EP's secretary and tell them what is happening. It should settle down after a week or so but some people do suffer more than others.

  • Hi Clare. If you are worried with no answer from anywhere I would go straight to the a&e and talk to them. They can give xray to check there is no problem. After my 2nd ablation I had pain in chest and I was told by my GP to go straight to a&e because it could be stuff that needs treating after the ablation.

    Make a decision time

    Be well


  • Clare. If you don't get any joy from EP's secretary I would go to the A&E department at the hospital where you had the ablation done because they will have full access to your records and also access to your EP (assuming it is one of the days that he works there). Your local A&E if different CCG will be blind re records and if they don't have an EP there will probably have less knowledge.

  • Have you been prescribed meds for reflux? My EP prescribed it after ablation but I still had pain in my throat long after. One of the more serious complications of an ablation is damage to the oesophagus and I should hope any A&E department would be able to check that out, so that is where I would go.

  • Yes I was going to say the same thing.

  • Hello,

    thank you all I have been to A&E and had bloods and an x-ray and there is no damage to anything just lots of internal bruising and swelling.


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