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1st Ablation hasn't worked

10 weeks now since my first ablation and haven't felt particularly well since. Still getting headaches and confirmed AF just by going for walks and light exercise. My cardiologist has told me my first ablation obviously hasn't worked and has offered me another slightly different ablation or the other option being lifelong Amiodrone. I'm worried about it but have opted to try again in the hope that next time it will work and i get my life back. Can anyone tell me how long they went before having there 2nd ablations and if they worked for them.

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I had three with about a year between each but started my journey in 2004 and a lot has changed since then. Go for it. I am guessing you had cryo ablation first time but obviously have areas other than the four pulmonary veins firing off so now need RF ablation to tidy up. Far better than a life time of drugs many of which are nasty!


@BobD How many ablations hve you had and are you in sinus rhythm now?


Yes bob had cryo. The way the EP was talking hopefully the 2nd one will be sooner rsthet than later. You make it sound nice and simple which i like. I really do hope it is.


Hi I only went 5.5 weeks between 1st and 2nd as I was quite poorly and needed second ablation quickly. I had it last Wednesday and it is so far a success! I had cryoablation first time. I would now be scared stiff of AF returning and do not ever want to feel that banging in my heart again. A third option - you could always opt for short time on drugs whilst you decide a definite yes or no.


I had first ablation 17 days ago. Was in nsr before it and felt really well though taking amiodarone daily. Since ablation I've been in afib and tachycardic and obviously I'm still taking the amiodarone. I fear I've done more harm than good and I too am worried I'll need another one.


Hi. I am wondering, having read your posts, why my arrhythmia nurse has not said I need another ablation, I have not seen my Cardiologist since I had my first ablation in July, when I am still having episodes!!! I am still on bisoprolol and rivaroxaban.


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