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Switching from Eliquis to a one a day 325mg Aspirin

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Hi guys, just curious, Has anybody been on Eliquis and then changed to one aspirin 325 mg a day instead? I was diagnosed with Afib in 2018 but have maybe one episode a year so my Dr. told me to switch from Eliquis to one 325mg aspirin a day. I am concerned that the aspirin won’t thin my blood enough and I could get a clot. I know Eliquis is deadly when stopped suddenly, so, just wanted to see if anyone here has made that switch. Just want to add, that I have been on Eliquis for almost 3 years but did not want to have to take that the rest of my life. I plan on being on the aspirin and weaning myself down from that dose to nothing. Thank you all!

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Aspirin has no place in stroke prevention for AF yet has great ability to cause damage from internal bleeding. I fail to understand how your doctor is thinking . If your CHADSVASC score is such that anticoaguants are not required then aspirin is the last thing you need unless you have other cardiac issues which require this drug such as stents or articial valves.

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Hi BobD, thank you so much for your reply! My CHADSVAS score is 1. I plan on weaning myself off the aspirin after 30 days. I can’t wean off Eliquis as there is no recommended way to do that and stopping abruptly is dangerous. My Dr. did say that if I have an Afib episode I am to take Eliquis again. I am 51 and do not want to be on a blood thinner for the rest of my life but not sure how to safely accomplish that. She wants me to take an aspirin at that strength for the rest of my life and I refuse to do that as well! That’s dangerous too. So I am basically advocating for myself and trying to do the best thing. Thanks again for your response!

Try not to get fixated on wanting to not take a particular medication for the rest of your life.

As Bob said it really is horses for courses.

I take 4 tablets every morning and 7 every evening and I give it no more thought than making sure I remember to take them.


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ecdiener in reply to pottypete1

Hi Pottypete1, thank you! Great advice!

If I were in your position, I would try to find a SAFE way to switch over to one baby aspirin daily (not full aspirin) plus nattokinase daily (maybe 100 mg but research that - it might be 200 mg is better). Nattokinase is fibrinolytic (clot-busting) and actually does seem to have ability to dissolve clots that have already formed. Aspirin can't do that. Nor can Eliquis.

Like you, I would not want to be on Eliquis daily for rest of life if I only had one Afib episode a year. But I realize people have very strong opinions on this issue. Some would say it's a mistake to switch from Eliquis to aspirin/nattokinase.

Just be sure you have a safe plan for coming off the Eliquis. research it thoroughly to have advice from multiple medical sources, not just a single doctor. You may find differences of opinion/advice on how to do that safely. Good luck whichever way you go!

There are other anti aggregants that one could substitute for aspirin such as NAC, curcumin or bromelain.

good point!

Good post from Kim there.

I'm no medic but I don't think 325 of aspirin will really help. The drug 'thins' your blood but is not an anticoalalant.

KIm wrote

"research it thoroughly to have advice from multiple medical sources, not just a single doctor"

Good advice indeed.


It comes down to odds. If you have occasional AFib episodes and a Chadvasc of 1 ,accepted research shows you have approximately 4× the risk of life altering stroke than people without those factors. Apixaban can reduce this risk. Aspirin is worthless for this indication. Eliminating the apixaban will subject you to this added risk. Obviously this is your decision, but make sure you have all the facts. Discussing this with your physician cannot hurt.

Why would anyone want to take themselves off an AntiCoagulant, thereby increasing their chances of having a debilitating stroke?

Personally I don’t really see eliquis as an enemy, I see it as a friend that is frontline defense against s a stroke. With AFib you can go ages and ages without it but then it can come back and that’s when you need that little friend there in the wings already in your blood, what if the AFib comes in the night?I’m pretty sure aspirin thins blood but is not doing the work of an anti coagulant.Where did you get the info that coming off ekiquis was dangerous ?

I’m rather confused with that as we are happily told to stop it pre having an operation and there’s no problem there. I’d be interested to hear, not that I’m stopping it .

Best wishes,


Over the past three years, I have averaged an Afib episode on the average of every couple of months or so which usually last from 5 minutes to 11 hours. My chadvas score has been 1 but will go to 2 when I reach 72 on August 1. My Cardiologist has me on an 81mg aspirin and that’s it. He gave me Predaxa to take in case of a longer episode which I haven’t taken yet. Other herbal supplements I take which are known to thin the blood are Hawthorne Berry, Ginko Biloba, and Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. I have an appointment with the EP on Sept. 3 to consult on a possible ablation.

It sounds like there is a vigorous controversy and difference of opinion around the appropriateness of aspirin for blood thinning sufficient to avoid strokes.

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Dee5165 in reply to willec49

I take Hawthorn Berry, Wild Alaskan Fish Oil and Magnesium along with Eliquis. It has kept me in NSR and no Afib occurrences. I believe I am feeling so much better on these supplements without the side effects of other meds. But I have read that Hawthorn Berry acts as a Blood thinner where Eliquis acts as an Anti-coagulant. Therefore, until I see my Cardiologist for an adjustment on the Eliquis, I will continue to take it.

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willec49 in reply to Dee5165

Glad to hear you haven't had any afib episodes on these supplements with no medications. That's great. I also take Magnesium and Potassium along with the ones I mentioned.

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brit1 in reply to Dee5165

I take hawthorn daily (make my own tinctures) and have done so along with Eliquis for several years. My cardio dr knows nothing about herbs etc so he hasn't commented. However Hawthorn is great for the heart. I also take CoQ10/Magnesium/Taurine

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Dee5165 in reply to brit1

Brit1,Happy to hear you take these supplements. I have a health science background and have done quite a bit of research on supplements for heart arrhythmias. Doctors are not trained in alternative medicine unless they specialize in this field. It's up to the patient to find what is best for your own body.

When I developed Afib in January, prior to any research, the Cardiologist placed me on Beta Blockers and Eliquis. Unfortunately I had no QOL on these Beta Blockers with the worst of side effects. I started my research but was convinced by Cardiologist to have a Cardioversion. It only kept me in NSR for 12 days! Started the Supplements knowing I read it takes 8 weeks to see the benefits. Well after 8 weeks of suffering with Afib and flutter, the supplements brought me back to NSR. This worked for me but everyone is different. I am in NSR for 2 months now and grateful I had the sense to think outside the box. I take Magnesium Taurate/Glycinate, Wild Alaskan Fish Oil, Hawthorn Berry, Co-Q10/L-Carnitine, Vitamin C and D3. Just wish I could get this in one supplement!! LOL

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brit1 in reply to Dee5165

I do also take fish oil/D also on plant based diet

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Dee5165 in reply to brit1

LOL.......I eat plant based diet too! Figures....We are in the same mindset.

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brit1 in reply to Dee5165

my AF was started 11yrs ago by a stupid dr overdosing my thyroid meds and ending up in ER. First I only had an episode every year or so but then a few years ago it started getting more frequent. Dr put me on Eliquis and metoprolol. I weaned off the met and only use it now when I go into AF. I only get episodes every few months now and thankfully don't last more than maybe 6hrs or so. I do Dr Weil's 4-7-8 breathing method while in it and also take dropperful Motherwort tincture with a few drops cayenne tincture several times while in it.

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Dee5165 in reply to brit1

Never read anything about those supplements. How do they affect an Afib attack? Will try to check out the Motherwort and Cayenne if Afib returns. Thank you!

I am really surprised aspirin is being used by any of us, I thought it had no role with AF, but I am not a medic. I know friends with stents etc and mild AF who use aspirin…

Aspirin is very tough on the stomach. I was on 81 mg dose for a while but had to quit for stomach and gerd issues

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