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Ablation date!!


OMG I’m in shock! St George’s called this morning and gave me my Ablation date. 27th Oct....

I am now officially nervous!! Especially as I’m in rhythm and have been for 8 months.

I will read the leaflets and help sheets Bob! Lol

I’ve said yes to go ahead.

Am I right? ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I think I am....

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I know that last year you were AF free, how many attacks have you had this year?


2 .... but my cardiologist said they will get more frequent. I have persistent AF... so both times I’ve had to have cardioversions to get back to rhythm.

It seems odd to go ahead I know but I want to be free of it and the drugs so hopefully this might work.

Really don't know what I'd do in your situation. I guess that by the time we get towards the end of our lives we'll be able to look back and say. Yes, I did that right, or no I didn't. I think that whatever anyone decides, is right for them.

So good luck, will be thinking of you.


Thanks JJ ❤️

AF is generally progressive and if the cardiologist has said specifically that yours will get worse, then it seems probable that it will. Therefore, I think you have made the right decision to go ahead. The longer you leave the ablation, the less likely it is to be effective. Also, you have an early appointment so there is less time to worry. As Covid is on the rise again, ablations, as earlier during the year, may be delayed. So that’s another reason to act now.

Yes that is good advice ! Thanks ❤️

ken280 in reply to LordGabriel

Hi! I am Ken from small town in British Columbia Canada had two Ablations 2013 then after 3months it came back got back on the meds that will eventually fail for myself anyways but long story short. I had klicks and clacks here and their and they seemed to have gone away. So sir you go get your ablation with a smile, seems like your in and back home, we have to go home after a couple of hours all is good except they left me on meds for two yrs and I was not to take any meds but one doctor kept me on the meds!! Now I stop cholesterol meds, warfarin, and only take one for HP, water pill, Synthroid because before first ablation was on Amiodarone screwed up my thyroid but I have been normal for over 5yrs now. I hunt, fish, swim, do lots of canoeing seems very peaceful and my hobby is small gold mining with a sluice box lot of digging and then i have a 14in rock Crusher have to break up the rocks then crush them to 400 mesh then run through sluice box with silicone mats, so much fun this is all due to my ablations turned 72 Oct 11 2020 ! Good Luck brother. when I'm at my claim, I will pray to the mountains and wind,(you know the name) just for you. you'll be doing a gold rush Jig, soon enough!


LordGabriel in reply to ken280

Thankyou Ken for that very spirited post!!

Btw I’m a female!

Karen ❤️

ken280 in reply to LordGabriel

Yes ma'am! I know so is my wife and she hunts and is a great 12ga shooter we live a great life in the wilds of British Columbia.Your prayers were sent Ma'am and

I wish you all the best,now just be calm I will tell you how, lots of smiling that give people something to think about,LOL


in my opinion yes.

Gabriel wrote

"I am now officially nervous!!"

Of course you are ! Pretty understandable - I would be too ! Please be aware that ablation procedures have really improved (and still are). I'll bet it won't be half as bad as you think.

Good luck - please update on how it all goes. It's on the cards for me in the future and I'll be dead nervous too.

I don't know why but I think you'll be just fine ;-) Take things easy for a few weeks afterwards and I'm sure you'll be back to normal pretty soon.

Once again - best of luck with it. It will be interesting to see how it all pan's out. Will keep my eye open for your update after your ablation.


Thank you Paul and Bob,

Karen ❤️❤️

Hope everything goes well for you. I too have been in NSR for 8 months and still am since my cardioversion back at the beginning of February, and should have been having my ablation next Tuesday - only had the call last Friday. Cancelled today because of C19 outbreak in the hospital 2 people in the cardiac unit tested positive too. The hospital is in a city in local lockdown so the thing that worried me most about going ahead with the ablation was the risk from Covid. I was originally due to have the ablation back in April but now haven't seen my EP since January until he called today to explain and ask if I minded postponing indefinately. to be honest while in NSR I don't I would rather someone who was feeling as poorly as I do when in AF who was actually in Af going in my place - though I wouldn't want them to have to risk C19 either.

I live in London so we are in a higher tier now. I’m figuring they knew this was about to happen at the hospital so hoping it still goes ahead.

I’m not worried about Covid. I’m pretty sure I’ve had it.

I know if I say no, I’m guaranteed to go back into AF. So I’m going for it.

Good luck- I’m booked in for next Monday 19th at Barts. I have flutter diagnosed in Feb and persistent since July.

Good Luck ❤️

Wishing you all the very best. My AF started last December and since the initial 3 episodes I’ve only had episodes of mild low rate AF. I was put onto the ablation waiting list by my EP from early this year. I’m on flecainide 100mgs twice daily along with bisop and edoxaban. I wonder too, that when I’m given my date, if I should have it or would it make things worse. I live in fear of another bad attack so I don’t feel I would decline it. It’s good to hear everyone’s responses. Let us know how it goes ❤️

LordGabriel in reply to Equish

Thankyou and yes I’m going for it! ❤️

Good luck - everyone on here will be thinking of you and wishing you all the best.

Thankyou ❤️

I would go ahead , you don't want AFIB back as it makes you more likely to need an ablation in the future. AFIB begets AFIB.

And getting rid of the drugs - by the time I had my ablation that was the best bit!. my only AFib symptom was a high HR, otherise asymptomatic. All the other symptoms/problems I had was the drugs!

LordGabriel in reply to KMRobbo

Yeah I’m going for it! ❤️

Who is going to do your ablation? which consultant? I had Professor Behr and he was very good. Not a lot of bedside manner, but efficient which is the most important thing. I can imagine that staying well for 8 months must be a bit worrying to suddenly get an appointment for the ablation and wondering no doubt if you really need it, but they don't do this for no reason. Good luck and try not to worry.

LordGabriel in reply to Tapanac

Dr Li

Thankyou for that re assurance!!



Tapanac in reply to LordGabriel

Do you know who is doing your ablation??

LordGabriel in reply to Tapanac

Dr Li

Tapanac in reply to LordGabriel

Oh yes, I have heard about him. He is very good. No worries there. Good luck and all the best

LordGabriel in reply to Tapanac

Thanks!! Good to know!

I had a call at the start of June to give me a date and I deferred it because I'd been AF free for about 8 months. I went into AF 3 days later and I've had 4 more episodes since then, so my advice is do it! Fortunately flecainide has put me back in to NSR 4 of the 5 times, with one horrendous cardioversion where for some reason the anaesthetic didn't do its job and I felt the shock. I've rung a few times since to chase for an ablation date, they've told me I'm top of the list but heard nothing yet.

LordGabriel in reply to Sutty50

I feel that would happen to me if I said no.

Hope you get back to the top of the list soon! ❤️

Hey don’t worry, you will feel much more calm when you walk thru those hospital doors, their professionalism will wizz you along and before you know it you will be home!


LordGabriel in reply to Morzine

Sounds good! Thanks ❤️

Don't worry did one five years ago and I was scared. Its was a very simple process and felt nothing. After the procedure my thoughts was WOW! I could do that again if I had to because I heard that sometimes it takes a second ablation to stop the afib. But guess I was lucky it took only one. Hope you have same results.

LordGabriel in reply to Bob002

Ooh that sounds great! I’m hoping I follow you! ❤️

The general consensus seems to be in favour of ablation. I had it done three and a half years ago, am now symptom and drug free. So best of luck with the procedure. I decided to go ahead before it became worse. However if drugs are working for you without side effects, that's another option, as everyone is different.

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