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Date for 2nd Ablation

I had my first Ablation July 9th and have just received a call telling me that my 2nd Ablation will be on the 22nd October.I had a 24 hr monitor last week and results show i am in AF all the time .I was told that i may need 2-3 Ablations and after the 1st was told it was very complicated to do and it took 6 hours.My question is anyone that's had it done twice did it work?I had open heart surgery in 2013 and have been in AF since then.

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Your situation is obviously less than straightforward, but if your EP is suggesting an ablation, then there's a measure of confidence that it will improve things if not sort them first time.

I've had two ablations and the second has been far more successful than the first.


Had three before mine was sorted out. Six+ years AFfree!


Thanks for the replies .I do hope it works i have spent so much time at Harefield Hospital over the last 16 months it would be nice not to have an appointment one month.I have been told to up my Bisoprolol back up to 7.5mg again and already feeling awful.


I've had two ablations, but the last one lasted for 6hrs. I have been told by my EP that there is not a lot they can do now, because of the extensive scaring to my heart. I still have AF.


My First was the 4 pulmonary artys. The second was the main chamber 38 burns and 7.5 hours. Third was more of a look see and they were going to do a Pace and Ablate later, but I have a lung condition to and that has now been cancelled because of it. Having multi conditions has not helped me so not really a good benchmark.

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