Ablation date......next wednesday!

After 7 months of waiting I now have a cancellation for next wednesday. The good news is that I havnt got much time to think about it and I am fairly busy all week so that is also good. I have to come of the flecanide 3 days before and am not looking forward to that but at least I will be in hospital before i am likely to feel the full effects ( i hope ).

So I go in on the 10th ablation on 11th home on 12th all being well.

I am not feeling quite so brave as I was but know that my nerves are unfounded as all was perfectly fine last time.

I will try not to winge as the week goes on and mostly I am just glad i have a date. X

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  • Wonderful!  It's really good to have it sprung on you like that!

    May it do the trick and sort out your AF in a big way.

  • Soon be done and dusted glad your wait has been shortened.  Look forward to a brighter summer post ablation.  Be well. X

  • Fingers crossed for you. You're in good hands!


  • Great news all told .  You can enjoy the good weather whilst you have your slaves wait on you.

  • That's great news! Best wishes for a 'comfortable' and super successful ablation!

  • Thanks everyone. I am working on the slaves Bob. X

  • Brilliant news dedeottie - here's to a better future. xx

  • All the best of beats and good rhythms, soon be in step again and dancing to a steady and regular heart.  Still waiting for my second ablation, so looking forward to it, let us know how you get on 🙂 

  • Will do x

  • Great news! Will be thinking about you. Very best wishes.xx

  • Great news. Hope it goes well. 

  • Good luck Deodottie. Just take it easy when you come home. Anne x

  • Good Luck! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. So glad I had one 

  • Great news, you'll soon but up and running, let us know how you get on x

  • Very best wishes for a successful outcome, it really is MUCH easier than you imagine it is going to be, best wishes CD.

  • Thanks. I hope you are feeling a little better than last week. X

  • Yes thank you, I managed to get to Spain with a lot of help, only to find the weather here cloudy and cool whilst looks like UK is sunny and heat wave about to descend - c'est la vie!  It is good to relax.

    Look forward to hearing how you get on, positive thoughts for you, CD

  • How wonderful...cured in time for a lovely summer.

  • Hope all goes well for you 

  • Interesting. They told me to stop flecainide 5 days before

  • Im not looking forward to stopping. Did you stop all at once? I had been hoping to stop gradually but because i got a cancellation there is no chance of doing that. X

  • I was nervous stopping, because I thought I might get AF a day or so before the operation and have to take a big dose of flecainide to stop it. As it turned out I did get it the day before. Something remarkable happened. It stopped after only two hours and I didn't take a pill. I'd never had an episode that stopped in less than 12 hours without flecainide. So I guess you just have to do it!



  • Thanks. Yes, there is nothing for it but to bite the bullet ! X

  • Mine was a cancellation too,  no time to worry and it's all over so quickly.  Best of luck.

  • Best wishes dedeottie, glad your waiting is nearly over. Here's to an AF free future 🍷


  • Really good news. Let's hope for a AF free future.

  • Good luck for Wednesday I live in Wales can I ask who is doing your ablation.

  • Thanks. It is Dr O Callaghan at the Heath in Cardiff. X

  • I have seen him good man

  • So pleased for you, hope all goes well and you will be ' dancing in the street' hugs)))))

  • Best wishes and look forward to hearing how it all went.


  • Good news! The waiting is so stressful.  I'm really happy for you...now it will be over soon.  This is a good thing!  In the meantime, walk and meditate......breathe.


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