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Felcainide vs. Tikosyn


I've been on flecainide since my ablation in July, 2017. I still continue to have episodes of afib and aflutter which can last a few minutes to a few days. My cardiologist would like me to switch to tikosyn but is leaving the decision up to my EP. I'll be seeing my EP soon and would like to discuss a change with him. Does anyone have any positive or negative experiences with tikosyn that they'd like to share?

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Sorry but tikosyn is not available here in UK so you will need to wait till other US readers join in.

JudyMarieC in reply to BobD

I didn't realize that - thanks, Bob.

I’ve been on Tikosyn since June, after being diagnosed with AFib one month earlier. EP put me on this after finding that Metoprolol alone wasn’t enough to control the AFib episodes, and she couldn’t increase my Metoprolol dose from 25 mg because my blood pressure was too low (my BP is naturally around 105/70 and the Metoprolol was lowering it to ~95/70).

I really can’t stay how it affected me because I don’t have much to compare to. After 1 month on Tikosyn, my episodes became less frequent, but that might also be because of reduced stress (finding a new house cross-country and moving). And then I had an ablation 3 weeks ago which changes the equation. So it’s hard to say.

Hard to find a lot of information about Tikosyn online. It’s a powerful drug and can be harmful for a small amount of people. When you start taking it you must go to the hospital for observation for 2-3 nights to make sure you respond ok. And they make a very big deal about taking your doses on schedule.

I got the impression that some EPs like it as part of their treatment, and others do not. The nurses told me that some cardiac practices prescribe Tikosyn for some of their patients, whereas other practices done use it at all. I get the impression that many EPs develop a familiarity with some but not all pharmaceuticals and stick with what they know. While they treat each patient individually they tend to have a set of various treatment “packages” that they know how to work with. So if your EP doesn’t work with Tikosyn, they might not be comfortable prescribing it.

For context, I’m 50M with paroxsysmal AFib. Also taking Eliquis/Apixaban (blood thinner). Live in the USA.

JudyMarieC in reply to hopper99

Thank you for your response. The 3 night hospital stay concerns me somewhat. I'll have to see what my EP says but it could be that he just prefers flecainide for his patients.

For what its worth Judy, I have found taking Ubiquinol and an Omega 3 supplement has greatly helped reduce my AF. Although these are freely available non-prescription supplements it would be best to discuss first with your cardiologist. Good luck.

I will look into those supplements. Thank you!

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