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What a great set of people on here!


Just wanted to say this is one of the best forums/help groups around. You are all very helpful, polite and courteous even though many including me I’m sure ask questions when search function could have been used.

There are regular posters on here that continue to share their knowledge and experiences which have proven to be invaluable to some of us.

But importantly, it’s good to know that you aren’t alone.

So from me a big big thank you and keep up the good work.

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Hi, that is a nice thing to post, thanks.

I hang around here despite being in NSR for the last 2.5 years after my ablation.

I learned a lot in the 3 years before that, and as you say this place is brilliant.

I felt scared and alone before I found this forum, so I hope that my small input may help others to not feel like that

Hi Mike, thanks 😊

Yep same here, I guessed once I had the ablation I’d maybe stop coming on here, but I haven’t. And it’s great to be able to pass on your experiences to others who are in the position you once found yourself in.

Fantastic Forum, helped me so much

Absolutely agree. I don't post much but I read most comments almost every day. 😁

Your words are so true.

Despite suffering from it, I knew little about atrial fibrillation, flutter, or any other heart rhythm abnormality, until I joined this forum. Now I feel we're all part of one big AF family. Other members understand exactly how you are feeling when having an attack, or suffering the anxiety that goes with the condition.

Lets face it, although they mean well, those with normal heart rates haven't a clue just what it's like.

I'll forever be grateful to everyone here for their fantastic support.


Hi Jean,

Yes, before I was diagnosed I’d heard of fib/flutter etc but didn’t really know much about it.

It’s funny because we are from different walks of life, we all share a common disease/condition, but so many of us have different symptoms to the next person. What works for one doesn’t for another, but those on here are the glue that sticks us together as one!

Very true Jean xx

I appreciate you Jeanniejeannie50 very much.

Totally agree Dangerousdriver. I came here knowing nothing except fear and the knowledge that my heart wasn’t right. I really could not have coped alone nor learned so much about a condition which so many people dismiss as ‘nothing’ or ‘Oh, I have that and I just ignore it’. 😩😩😩

Just knowing there are others who understand and will help makes the whole thing less of a burden.

Hi Fin,

Yes, even now people look at me and see me as for and healthy because of my appearance, but lurking under that exterior is a condition that reminds you that everyday that it’s there waiting to pounce. It’s a sentence sometimes, where you never feel free to live how you want to, but I came to accept this and adapted accordingly to live the best life I can!

I love your attitude and try to live for the present and have adapted my life accordingly. Only yesterday I could have screamed, I was feeling very dizzy and breathless after negotiating the London Underground and was greeted by a lady telling me ‘well you look alright to me!’

Thank you for reminding me how lucky we are. This forum literally saved my sanity when I first found it and continues to do so at fairly regular intervals. It is wonderful to be part of something so helpful. X

Welcome, & thank you very much! I am relatively new here, and those are my sentiments as well!

Best wishes...😀

I agree very strongly, it like a warm safety net of wonderful help and support often when there is no one else around to help and reassure, these folk have helped me through some very worrying dilemmas, .....thank you all. X Dee

What a nice post! I found the forum so valuable ,our condition is so variable and I felt quite isolated when I had to have periods off work

I like to give something back if I can help someone make a bit of sense of what's going on in their heart or just a support I will.

Take care DD!!

I'll second that great careing group of people.

Great forum

Great people

Great support


Completely agree. Don’t always post but do read all stories.

Almost four years (after my diagnosis) since I found this site and still read every post- sometimes a couple of days later but the knowledge that I have gained is so valuable I don't want to miss something crucial! Love your post.

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