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Radiofrequency Ablation


Has anyone had Radiofrequency Ablation? What was your experience like. I had a Cryoablation done January 2019(1st one). I am now scheduled for a Radiofrequency ablation at the end of November. I am a little nervous so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly

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Procedure is the same. They just use heat rather than cold to make the scar tissue. There should be no difference in recovery and we do not differentiate between the various methods in our fact sheet on recovery. In other words the catheter goes in the same places and does the same things.

I had this is January. Exactly the same procedure as cryoablation although I have been told it Can be bit more uncomfortable. I personally didn’t feel any pain,mild discomfort when a “blast”was given but as I had bit of sedation, they simply increased sedation if and when required. Recovery was fine, up and about following day although took it easy for week or two. Episodes of Atrial Flutter went from 2/3 per week to now only experiencing AFib around once a month.

Hope this helps.

Hi Haymaker, I have had both and totally agree with everything already said. For me, the only difference was the second RF ablation was carried out under a general anaesthetic so, unlike the first one, I had no idea what was going on. This was my first GA so didn’t know what to expect and all was fine until I tried to get up (with supervision) the ward went into a spin and I was sick, but within a couple of hours things settled. It probably took a bit longer to fully recover from the GA but everything went fine.....

Thanks everyone! That helps a lot! I appreciate your replies!❤️

I had cryo ablation in April 2017. my af was worse for months after and it got so bad I had RF in November 2017. Took about 5 months to settle down and I have been fine since. that's 2 years now. I am on bisoprolol and apixaban and have cut out alcohol completely. I am 65 and still exercise frequently but the beta blocker keeps the heart rate low which limits how hard I can push myself.

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Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear your positive outcome. I hope mine will be a positive one too! Fingers crossed!

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