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A few days away from my ablation procedure


A few days away from ablation procedure and my nerves are getting the best of me I am sure that everyone who had this procedure at some points point felt like I do I've never been under general anesthesia before only local and it's still something that's still make me very nervous especially with sleep apnea as I mentioned before that's the only way the doctor will do this procedure I appreciate all the support up to this point and hopefully I will get through this and of course the ablation procedure itself which is probably more risky than the anesthesia the bottom line is I will get through this but it won't be easy

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We get that Euve, you have done SO well to this point. One step at a time, one moment at a time. You are right, I certainly got very jittery the few days before, I even asked my husband to ring and cancel the morning of because I thought I might have a cold developing but he persuaded me to go anyway. And it was fine, I was very well looked after with caring, understanding people who got that people come in very anxious and did their very best to calm and reassure me. It will be difficult but remember your long slow breathing and you will be OK too.

I found listening to a podcast, music audiobook really helped in the hospital whilst I was waiting and I think that for me was the worst time, the waiting. Everything else just flew by because I was asleep. Having made the decision - Remember - what would be worse - the procedure or living with progressive AF?

How would you feel if you didn’t go through with it? That one worked for me as I knew I would be so annoyed with myself for not trying when given the opportunity.

One day at a time - have you got something to occupy you and to think of something else? Something you enjoy?

Keep going Euve, you are nearly there but also remember that you can back out right up to the last moment.

Very best wishes CD.

I was the same, and I felt like getting off the trolley and walking out on the morning of my ablation. So glad I didn't though.

As for the sleep apnea, it's really not an issue, anaesthetists deal with this every day, and often with people that don't even know they have SA.

Take your CPAP with you, make everyone aware that you use one and I'm sure that you will wake up wearing your mask.

All the best

Another thing to bear in mind Euve. Given the number of issues you have raised on this forum over the last month, you can be confident that your EP is equally aware of the things that are worrying you. He/she would not take the risk of proceeding unless they were totally confident that you will be OK. Take CD’s advice, find things to distract you and in all seriousness, I strongly suggest you stay off this forum until it’s all over because all you are doing is fuelling your anxiety. I know how difficult it can be, more so if you live alone, but everyone here is rooting for you and will be keen to hear at the weekend how well you have done.

Hi Euve, I was you at the same point last week. I also never had GA before and worried about it more than the actual procedure. I had my ablation last Wednesday and it wasn't even 1% as bad as I imagined it. The GA was absolutely fine as well, you feel nice and relaxed, starting to drift off slowly and wake up when its over. It has been 3 days and I feel great, like I haven't felt in years. I wish I haven't delayed it for almost 2 years because of my anxiety.

I was recently going through my medical history getting prepared for a non heart related procedure and realised that I’ve had 13 general anaesthetics and 4 sedations over the years. You always have to sign the papers acknowledging the risks so it can be an anxious time. I figure I’ve always woken up so I try not to let it worry me. Take deep breaths and distract your mind. You’ll be in safe hands. All the best to you x

You were much more positive last week after weeks of negative thoughts.

Build on the positivity and take the advice offered by FlapJack and stay off this forum until you have had your ablation.

We all wish you well.


Euve in reply to pottypete1

Stay off the forum, wow that's encouraging lol

FlapJack in reply to Euve

Euve, I don’t think you understand why I suggested having a short break from the forum. I know from my own personal experience that there are times when reading or contributing to the forum can have the effect of increasing anxiety and stress to the point where it can have an adverse effect on your health. Last month I was having a difficult time and I just knew that I needed to focus on things other than AF and avoiding the forum was the right thing for me to do at that time.

If you were to look back at all your recent posts it is clear that you are having a traumatic time deciding what you should do about Thursday’s ablation and so many have done their very best to help you to stay on track. You now have all the information you need to make Thursday a successful day and continually questioning and challenging your decision to go ahead with the procedure will achieve nothing. If you pull out now you will never forgive yourself and trust me, the regrets will last for a very long time.

This is the only reason I suggested you should take a break from the forum because it will help you in exactly the same way a break helped me.....I hope you understand.

Euve in reply to FlapJack

I know thank you

Did you read the advice FlapJack gave you?

The reason I agreed with the suggestion Flapjack offered is that you have been worrying yourself sick for weeks over your forthcoming ablation and it is not helping you.

To just spend a few days thinking of fluffy bunnies and pleasant countryside instead of trying to investigate what could or could not go wrong will do you a power of good.

I have suffered AF for close on 30 years.

I have had about 25 cardioversions, had 7 ablations, severed an artery in my hand followed by a very scary night and a 3 hour microsurgery operation ( I take Warfarin), had a hernia operation and had more General Anaesthetics and sedations than I care to remember.

I am still here to tell the tale.

After your ablation you should feel so much better.

Just relax. We just want you to not worry.

The very best wishes for a successful outcome for you.


Hi Euve, I just had an ablasion on Friday, I already feel much better but extremely tired, I also have sleep apnea and I have copd, I was really scared to go through this also but you will be fine, you won't even know it happened and the worse part of it was just some chest discomfort and sore throat. Good luck and your gonna be glad you did it!

Thank you did you have General anathesia?

Yes I did.. I promise you it's not as scary as you think, I was beyond terrified right up till they put me under, 6 hours later I woke up and had a sore throat, your chest will be sore too but you will be fine.. Just remember these Dr's know what they are doing, it scary but try to relax and think abt how nice it's gonna be to be normal again and think positive.. I came home yesterday and I slept the best I've slept in years last night, today I'm on the couch doing nothing, the sore throat is gone but I still have a strange feeling in my chest but that's to be expected. I am super exhausted but my heart feels calm and normal, just rest when it's over and give into your body.. you will be fine🙏😊

I was petrified, honestly, this is me who cries when I sit in the dentist chair before treatment starts , I am that bad lol. The best thing I have ever done. To wake up knowing that you are fixed without feeling anything is wonderful. Good luck x

Like you, I have sleep apnea and use a CPAP. This was a Non-issue. The Drs were all familiar with my history. I went into the procedure room and the nurse said she was giving me a little something in my IV, and the next thing I knew, it was over and they had an oxygen mask on me and were telling me to breathe deeply!

I am now almost 3 weeks post-procedure. Aside from the occasional irregular heartbeat and a few twinges in my chest, I find that fatigue is my biggest problem. So, I just rest.

Good luck with your ablation.

Thank you dud they use general anathesia?

Hi Euve

I am so glad I had the conviction that the ablation was the right course to take. Just concentrate on how much better you are going to feel after the ablation. The relief from not worrying about the next episode, the sheer inconvenience and extreme discomfort of being in AFib for hours on end and experiencing them getting longer in duration as they become more and more frequent. The sense of terror wondering when it will stop, and the worst part wondering if it will develop into a permanent form of AF. What's not to like about the ablation if it can give possible long term relief from this unpredictable condition. A couple of hours in theatre, in the knowledge that the number of complications are minimal if non existent in most cases. Viewing this website shouldn't be a problem if you are really convinced that this is the way forward for you personally. Having confidence in your EP and their team is important. If you trust his professionalism and his success rate that's half the battle. After that hope and prayer will steer you safely through this. Be optimistic and good luck.!!

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