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Ablation procedure


Hi was just wondering has anybody had the procedure Ablation and had it abandoned because of a tamponade, which is what happened to me 3years ago, my AF has got worse but i am too scared to go and have it done. I'm on dronedron and bisoprolol and Apixaban at the minute.

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I think your reluctance is understandable, but your perception of risk may be coloured too much by your previous experience. Why not discuss your situation with at least one EP and be guided by expert opinion? They may be reluctant or previous problems may not significantly affect subsequent procedures. If you let what could be misguided fear stand in your way, you possibly deny yourself an opportunity to improve. If there's a refusal, you know where you stand.

Tamponade does occur occasionally and I know my EP (who does many ablations) has twice seen it happen during a procedure.

BobDVolunteer in reply to Rellim296

Lovely post. Can't improve on that.

Nanchester in reply to Rellim296

Thank you for your opinion, I am trying to overcome the fear and hopefully pluck up courage to see another EP Because my symptoms has got worse this last year... thanks

Rellim296 in reply to Nanchester

Courage required! Seeing an EP is but a step along a path but do make it as you can then choose which way to go - when it's an informed decision.

Hi Nan, I suffered a tamponade which only came to light days after an ablation this was in 2015 I was hospitalised and developed a number of complications as a result. It took me a long time to recover and at the end I still had AF. After much soul searching and discussions with my family and EP I underwent another Ablation in January this year which so far has been a great success, I am living life again not quite without a care in the world but definitely a huge improvement with no AF. It was scary as much for my family as me but it has definitely been worth it and I'm sure with support from your EP it could be the right decision for you. But it has to be what you feel is best for you.

Good luck

Aww thank you Fylde, did the same EP do the second Ablation for you? I'm trying to find courage to go and have it done or just to have a chat thank you so much.

Hi Nan the same EP was involved although he brought a colleague in for a second pair of eyes to be extra vigilant. I had to make a decision did I trust him as these things can happen to anyone, at no point did i think it was his incompetence that caused the original problem and he provided excellent support afterwards such that I was happy that continue under his care

My second ablation was abandoned as the EP had or thought he had pierced my aorta and he was waiting for me to bleed which among other things would have led to blood round the outside of the heart. He will not do the procedure again and I have to accept this as I live in Wales and they wont pay for me to go elsewhere unless it is for lifesaving surgery. However, I have to admit that I would think very long and hard before having another ablation even if offered to me. I was very scared as I was sent to thecardiac dependency unit for observation and the whole thing was treated very seriously. My family do not want me to even consider another . At present my AF is well controlled and who knows how I will feel if it returns as because of other considerations( low blood pressure and low heart rate and a degree of heart block) my treatment options are limited. However at this point in time I think if necessary I would opt for pace and ablate. I will be interested to read what others think so thank you for asking this question. X

Nanchester in reply to dedeottie

Thank you dedeottie for your comments I know it's very scary I also are from Wales, can I ask you what hospital did you have the Ablation done?

dedeottie in reply to Nanchester

It was done at the university hospital of wales cardiff

Nanchester in reply to dedeottie

Ok thanks, mine was at Liverpool, I'm from north wales.

dedeottie in reply to Nanchester

You are more likely to have experienced EPs at Liverpool as it seems to be a centre of excellence for this. My EP had done less than 100 ablations in his career but I didnt have any choice. He was the most experienced there was. In a way living in North Wales is a blessing as there are no welsh hospitals there offering the procedure. I think I would be more confident if I felt there was more expertise on hand. X

Nanchester in reply to dedeottie

I'm going to try and have a chat with another EP if possible I went private last year and he put in in touch with adifferent EP but it's the courage to go, any way nice to speak to you x

I suffered a tamponade during my ablation but luckily for me my EP (I have the same one as Rellim296) managed to finish the ablation procedure. I have to be honest and say it did take me a while to get over it but I wouldn't hesitate to have another ablation as my quality of life has been so much better since then.

I asked my EP if I was more likely to have a tamponade again but he said not. The risk was the same as for anyone else.

Nanchester in reply to VeeT

Thank you veeT glad it worked for you I have a lot to think about regarding this.

VeeT in reply to Nanchester

Good luck with your decision making.

Hi I had an ablation actually 2 this year last one gave me right block bundle branch but I fortunately recovered but EP stopped ablating at that point and has now told me chances of having RBBB after ablation is now 40 per cent with permanent damage and a high chance of a tamponade so I feel he was reluctant to do a 3rd ablation I am waiting for results of MRI scan and he has sent me an appointment for a third opinion, initially he told me it was RVOT but then said it was coming from Moderater Band! Anyone heard of this as I dont seem yo be able to get any information.

Regards Ingrid

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