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I wanted a quote for a 14 day trip to USA for self & husband . For myself I put down AF , naturally , + hypertension. hypothyroid, one- off resolved kidney failure, & one off heart failure both over 3 years ago. My husband -- hypertension. The quote was , wait for it........ £ 3,516.00!!!!! ( me 69 , husband 66 ) Company was goodtogo insurance.

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  • Gosh, I am really surprised! I went with the same insurance company and while I acknowledge I don't have as many health issues as you describe my annual fee is about £70 - but travel didn't include going to the States. I know travel to the States increases the premium but your quote seems really high. Hope you find a lower quote which provides you with the level of cover you need.

  • This is a case of shop around .....and thanks for telling us who not to bother with.

  • Wow and I was just amazed at a weeks holiday insurance quote to Spain earlier this afternoon of £108 for myself alone with AF and hypertension.

    When discussing holidays abroad with my consultant he said go most certainly but I would forget the USA as travel insurance there is extortionate. Also he had had a patient who was hospitalised in the states for AF and was presented with a bill for £15,000 for two days care.

    Shop around, have you looked on the AFA website they show travel insurance companies to try.


  • To-day's Mail on Sunday quotes details of Fairer Finance and their list or top travel insurance providers based on customer satisfaction.

    LV= and the Post Office are best. Halifax and Lloyds also appear. Barclays, Santander and Virgin Money do not.

    I will be interested to know how you get on as my son is to be married in the USA next May. Good luck.

  • I went with Avanti for my worldwide travel inc the states , £300 pa . I had a stroke , in fact , in the states last October and I have A fib . At the time I didn't know I had A fib and I had a stroke within hours of being diagnosed over there. So far my hospital bills have come to $90,000 and the claim hasn't been settled yet . They still owe me 4k for my personal expenses . It's an uphill battle, as I have to chase them up all the time. But the US being the most expensive country for medical care you have to get it right insurance wise. Maybe running this form by your doctor just to make sure it's all filled in correctly would help. ?


  • Hi Lisa -- how awful for you. I recall you posting about this at the time I think! Rather puts me off going now. I think I would be wiser to wait until the AF settles a bit & opt for Europe. I was most thorough in my application .... perhaps too thorough. My GP did tell me to put everything in as ins. co.s would look for any excuse not to pay out.


  • That's the problem with all insurance, you never find out what you've REALLY bought until you make a claim, by which time it's too late. It's the reason why I never shop around, or change insurers. It seems to me that the companies who charge the lowest premiums are the ones most likely to wriggle out of paying a claim. They have to save the money somewhere.

  • Ectopic ... Think there is some truth in what you say. Sandra

  • Hi Yatsura

    Try Saga. I took out an annual worldwide to include America and Canada earlier this year and it cost around £300. I'm 61 and I know I only have PAF but even with your other conditions and only wanting a single one of travel insurance I would think they would be a lot cheaper. You can get an online quote. Hope you find something suitable and are able to go and have a lovely time.


  • I took out insurance for a week in Portugal with Staysure, with my AF - £18. Quite happy with that!

  • Eatsalottie -- tried Staysure 1st & they wouldn't insure me.


  • What a shame :(

  • type "pre existing medical conditions" in Google and go to all of the links I am sure you can cut £1000's off that. If you are confident that some of your conditions are stable you can opt for them not to be covered! this will drop it down loads. But you take a chance?

    Be Well

  • Offcut -- thanks for advice but I would not feel comfortable in opting for no cover on any of my conditions ... sod's law & all that!


  • I have the same type of luck. Hired a van to move house on the Friday broke my foot on the Tuesday before :(

  • Ahi, just thought you may be interested in this Insurance co, who

    quoted for a couple of friends of mine and they were very reasonable

    compared to ones they had tried before and they are both not in

    good health and one with ongoing cancer treatment.

    One company was Good to go and the other was All Clear Travel.

    Hope you find this helpful.

  • Shirlygirly -- thanks for your reply . The co. that quoted me was Goodtogo! I think that maybe they don't like insuring for the USA as I am using them for a 5 day break early next month France & Belgium on QM2 . The quote I was given for that of £170 compares favourably with others I have tried.


  • Hi, I've just insured for the second time this year (should've purchased an annual policy!!) with oktotravelinsurance. It's only European cover but is very comprehensive cover for £22. I've got PAF, mitral valve regurgitation and hypothyroidism. You could try a comparison site such as travel supermarket - they don't hennaed work for you and you only need enter your details once. Good luck!

  • Belleblue -- thanks, will try comparison website

  • I went with Aviva. I only have AF; my husband has hypertension. He's 67, I'm 58. Paid about £100 for worldwide not including US and Canada.

  • Thanks to all for advice re USA cover! I shall be online tomorrow to see what transpires!


  • try staysure

  • I have.... Wouldn't insure me!

  • You are brave going with so many health issues , I only have PAF and cancelled my trip to sydney to meet my new grandaughter ( but do regret it now ) I just panic at first :-( hope you get sorted and have great time

  • Limgooz__ I haven't gone yet and probably won't! Will stick to Europe

  • I knew you had not gone, is why I said have great time , and mean it sincerely ( wherever you go )

  • Thanks Lingooz! Sandra

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