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Ablation with be k issues

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I had an ablation done 6 months ago. Had a few problems right after coming awake from anesthesia! I have a bad back with several issues. After being flat on my back for approximately 4 to 5 hrs I had severe spasms that was unbearable. I was not able to change position as I still had cathedar in groin and could hemorrhage. Also was distended and was unable to void on bedpan so had to have a Foley catheter put in. Last but not least I had a huge purple bruise on one half of my mouth and a small cut on the inside!! I looked like someone had punched me in the mouth. Needless to say Murphy's law seemed to apply to me. My biggest concern was there was little that could be done to give me relief from excruciating back distress for at least 2 hrs. Once I was able to change position things got better although I did bleed a lot from groin! Has anyone else experienced this due to a bad be k and if so did they to anything to give you some relief?? I am s heduled for 2nd ablation March 5th and you can imagine my apprehension for what will happen after I wake up!!!

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Sadly yes. I had similar back spasm after my last ablation which pain relief failed to help. Once I was able to stand and move it vanished like snow in June but for five hours life was not as fun as usual. I suggest that you speak to the team before they start and explain next time. For my five hour prostatectomy I was placed on an electric blanket thing and had no such problems.

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Thanks much

I have a partly fused spine and made a point of telling the team I can't lie totally flat, need a small pillow. All good except two CVs during procedure hurt my neck. You can but try.

I have ankylosing sponylitis , after 5 hours flat on my back for my ablation under GA I was in agony. Like you I had to remain on my back for a further 2 hours with a nurse putting pressure on the entry site.

Absolutely excruciating for me, but the outcome has been well worth the pain.

Yes, I had awful back pain and spasms after my first ablation of 7 1/2 hrs and 4hrs lying flat. I also had a huge haematoma from groin to knee. But at the next ablation of 5 hrs, my EP was aware of the problem and made me much more comfortable with strategic support even though I was out of it with a GA and allowed me to have the bed slightly upright whilst in recovery. The anaesthetist also gave me muscle relaxant medication and started the pain killers at the same time as putting me under. Talk to your anaesthetist, they can do a lot to help.

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Sounds like a good idea. Will talk to anesthesiologist before procedure!!Thankyou so much for this advice!

You have my sympathy , I had to be on my back for over 11 hours because my groin had started to bleed. I agree the pain in the back was not nice, I had intravenous paracetamol to help the pain which did not remove it completely but as soon as I was able to get onto my side the pain started to go. I begged them to not give me a catheter and managed to go once I could sit up. Good luck with your next procedure. X Ursula

Sorry forgot to mention, I asked them to roll a towel and put it in the gap in my back to help x

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Thankyou for your info

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