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Sotalol and normal rythum

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had 2 Ablations thought i was doing ok, then Flutter started to come back every week then heart would take a week to get back to NRS then i would get a thuds in chest and heart would shoot up to 160 then start to slow again, went to see E P when i was in flutter and he said the flutter has come back as the skin is thick, so he recomend i have a nother Alation to fix it,

E P put me on Sotalol as i refused to go back on Amiodarone, he put me on 40 mg a day only as when in NSR pulse is only 50, since been on Sotalol 9 weeks pulse as been steady 50, so not sure with to come off it for a few weeks to see what happens i might not need a nother Ablation

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Hope it settles down again now x

40 mgs of Sotalol once a day is a tiny dose. I took 240 mgs with no problems.

In your position I would talk to the arrhythmia nurse and stay on the Sotalol in the meantime.

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And I ended up on 320mg per day but unfortunately in the end it stopped controlling things. No major side effects apart from fatigue on the high dose.

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thats a big dose, hope your sorted now

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Unfortunately not - I’m on 3 heart drugs and still having problems 😒

Though unfashionable these days, Sotolol is very effective for some people, who take it long term. The usual checks needed every 6 months -- Potassium levels I think it is, but could be creatinine and urea. The other thing about it is that you cannot stop and start it. Sotolol is a kind of betablocker, and you have to come off it slowly. I see here

there is an important warning, the two brands: "Betapace and Sorine are NOT used for the same conditions that Betapace AF is used for. Always check your medicine when it is refilled to make sure you have received the correct brand and type as prescribed by your doctor."

I confirmed this with another source. The different formulations and brands of sotalol are NOT interchangeable.

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Thanks for that, will check it out

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