Post atrial flutter ablation & sotalol

Post atrial flutter ablation & sotalol

After my ablation for A flutter 26th October 2015 I was taken off my 2.5 of bisoporal and put onto sotalol (80mg X 2).

I noticed the difference straight away - not happy with heart beats / missed/ pauses / dips - a bit like the sensation ( ladies) you have in pregnancy before the real noticeable movements of the baby - it is called quickenings ? Or have I made that up but inthe my heart ... Bizarre.

I have let my EP know so hopefully seeing him Monday - bizarre.

When I was on the bisoporal I was fine - still had the fibrillation & flutter but not aware of it.

Any comments would be gratefully received.

Thanks all.

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  • I was put on Bisoprolol by the hospital (after an overnight stay, because I went to A&E to finally get an ECG taken while I was in AF). A few months later, at an out-patient follow up, the consultant cardiologist decided to change it to Sotalol. I felt dreadful on it and my episodes of AF increased from approx every 6 weeks to every 2 weeks. I stuck it out for 2 months and then went back to my GP and told them I wanted to come off it. I was put back on the Bisoprolol. I also asked to be referred to an EP. I had my ablation 6 weeks ago, stopped the Bisoprolol 2 weeks ago, and feel great!.

    Hope that you get sorted soon.

    Lynn x

  • Sotolol has been removed from the recommended list of drugs to treat AF by NICE the drug advisory body in the UK, so is not prescribed (or should not be) in the UK.

    Where in the world are you? I was prescribed Sotolol by a cardiologist but refused to take it. I was told by a very eminent EP at a conference for AF patients that he was campaigning to get it stopped being prescribed for treatment of Lone AF, so if you are getting unusual feeling heartbeats I would not wait - go get an ECG ASAP. I have no wish to scare you but I would not be at all happy myself with that drug.

    Sotolol also has an effect on the ventricles whereas other drugs only affect the atria. My understanding is that it is half heart rate / half anti arrythmia.

    Best wishes

  • Susiebell is in the uk according to her restricted profile

  • I am in the uk - Holter monitor coming off tomorrow & hopefully seeing EP too - I will voice my concerns -. Many thanks

  • Sotalol either works well for patients or its a disaster. Sounds like you are in the second category, and I assume you'll be prescribed something else on Monday. BTW are you taking the two capsules roughly 12 hours apart ?

  • Yes - 80mg X 2 a day

  • Sotolol is used more for Aflutter rather than Afib, it's worked ok for me, the problem with other drugs is that their no good for Aflutter

  • I have both fib& flutter - had anablationfor the flutter last October - not sure yet how effective it was - will find out soon

  • I was on Sotalol for quite some time. I kept mentioning it to my GP who seemed reluctant to change the consultant's prescription. During a hospital stay for a kidney stone removal I kept setting off machines with my low heartbeat of around 44 beats a minute. The doctor there told me to go back to see the cardiac consultant about my medication. I asked my GP to refer me to a different consultant and when I saw her she was shocked I had been prescribed Sotalol as she said it was too aggressive for women. She took me off straight away and I immediately started to feel better.

  • Such differing views - my EP will be looking at the results of my 7 day Holter monitor & recent ECGs

    Cardio version on 16th February - onward & upward 😀

  • In the UK solatol is no longer recommended for use with AF as an AF treatment due to side effects. For anyone else then get GP to refer back to consultant or email consultant.

  • Thank you

  • Thank you for your replies. I often feel the forum gives help and advice I do not get from the health professionals! I am due to see the cardiac consultant next month for a follow-up and I shall be trying to get him to admit that digestion issues can trigger a PAF episode. It certainly seems to do with me but previously he has dismissed the idea.

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