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Magnetic Bracelet & AF

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Hi all,

Can anyone tell m if there is a negative reaction between AF and wearing a magnetic bracelet for arthritis pain? Got a lovely bracelet and wore it xmas day and boxing day when I felt really breathless with tightness in my chest so much so that I thought I might collapse while walking! Then yesterday my AF was awful and very persistent. Later in the afternoon I went to have a shower and had to remove the bracelet when I realised that it was when I put it on that my AF seemed to kick in … I being silly or could there be a connection?

stay well

Blue :-(

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Nothing is impossible but I would doubt it.

My mum had apacemaker in relation to her AF and couldnt wear anything like that,seems quite a coincidence? Perhaps ask your consultant or arrythmi nurse?

I had a magnet that I wore to decrease menopause symptoms. Had my first episode of AF a few months later. I can’t see any reason they’d be linked but I’ve never worn it since

Magnets are lethal to computer monitors. I had one blow up after wearing a magnetic necklace for weeks.

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