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Flecainide and zantac

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Had an episode of Afib last night at tea time. I had been having one or two little flutters during the day but nothing I’m not used to. At dinner time I thought I was getting acid reflux and took a Zantac to stop it. A little while later I went in to Afib and as I’m on pill in the pocket took a 100mg flecainide tablet. Unfortunately it didn’t stop the Afib during the night which is unusual as it normally works within a few hours. I wonder if the flecainide is suppressed by the Zantac. Does anyone know please?

I’ve taken a further flecainide tablet this morning but so far it’s not stopped the irregular heartbeat. I guess I’ll take another tonight if it’s not working then after that I don’t know what to do other than a&e

17 Replies
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Hi, I understand that Flecainide should be taken on an empty stomach some time before a meal (full info in the leaflet) to be properly absorbed. As it seems you had just eaten that may be the problem and it seems logical that Zantac could have made things worse. Hope it reverts soon!

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Profound15 in reply to Buffafly

Many thanks. I also had a flecainide 100mg this morning on an empty stomach and it didn’t work. Went off to a&e and they gave me another 100mg intravenously. Again it didn’t work so the plan then was a cardio version. Got all wired up and they then gave me intravenous pain relief fentanyl before the revision. I immediately went in to sinus rhythm and they aborted the procedure. To say I was pretty relieved is an understatement. Has anyone else had this experience please?

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Vixxster in reply to Profound15

Funny how procedures can induce afib attacks. Every time I go for a Pain Procedure on my lumbar region I have afib , then all is aborted and they xfer me to ER. Once there a glass of cold water and a sandwich, then an all night drip of Cardnazine (or something sounding like it) I typically convert just before the Cardio Conversion. I think Im scared of the paddles so it straightens out. I Currently am in afib 11% of the time. Doc seems not too worried. On anticoagulant and Multaq with metoprolol. I use CBDs for Pain management as I self detoxed off Opiates. I make sure there is only 1 THC component to 30 CBDs as I don't want to get high. Munchies are my enemy) Amazing though that it works on my torn bi-cept muscle pain. Good luck, best wishes

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secondtry in reply to Profound15

Hi Profound, sounds like vagally mediated AF, I have the same. I suggest you read up here and elsewhere on the Vagus Nerve and its connection with the brain and the stomach. Important that you focus, probably with Alternative Practitioners help, on your diet/digestion/lifestyle to address why you get acid reflux. Also work on meditation & supportive exercises such as Yoga and Qigong and if you have a faith prayer.

I used to have acid reflux and also came out of AF when the doctor said he was going to 'shock' me - proving, not that I needed it, that the Vagus Nerve is involved.

I have not had any significant AF issues for 5 years now and have high QOL with no digestive issues. I am on daily dose of 100mgs Flecainide; incidentally I wanted to do just PIP for Flec but my cardio said that 'roller coaster' effect on the heart is likely to unsettle it more and increase AF. I think PIP is good up to a point, which you need to identify with your cards help. Hope something there of my personal experience helps, Happy Christmas.

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Profound15 in reply to secondtry

Thanks secondtry. I agree I think it’s vagus nerve related. I’ve gone teetotal because I thought that was the trigger. I’m also eating more fibre to make sure my stomach system works well. The only difference on Friday before the episode was that I had ibuprofen tablets as my hip was playing up. Haven’t had them for a long time. Whilst I’m probably clutching at straws with the ibuprofen it does seem to be to do with whatever I’ve ingested. Next step I think is to see the cardio and probably go on flec daily. It’s the first time it hasn’t worked as a pill in the pocket though.

Can anyone tell me what the after effects of a cardio version are please?

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Sandyc2705 in reply to Profound15

Hi - I have PAF and use bisoprolol as a PIP

A couple of months ago I had two episodes of AF after a gap of nearly a year and the only trigger that I could think of was that I had taken ibruprofen for my prolapsed disc

I have not taken any since and touch wood no more episodes so far

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Profound15 in reply to Sandyc2705

Thanks Sandy that’s really interesting. Won’t take ibuprofen from now on.

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Wabid in reply to Profound15

Hi, I have dangerous arrhythmia under investigation. On the absolutely banned list are anti-inflammatories. Could well be the ibuprofen

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Profound15 in reply to Wabid

Wow that’s unbelievable. Hope all goes well for you. Thanks

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secondtry in reply to Profound15

Can't remember where and why but I seem to remember that I read only take paracetamol, which I have done in the past without issue.

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Acid reflux causes me to have AF episodes. Maybe it was the reflux and not the Zantac.

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Was told I have AF put on Warfarin! Could anyone Please tell me what is a episode, what am I supposed to feel exactly? At the moment all I feel is puzzlement and fear! What is the difference between an episode and anxiety, what should I expect to feel, are others as baffled as me or am I just a worrying nervous 😓😓😓 wimp???? Please help from your own experience. Thank you. Cheers. Gladie.xxxx😩😂😴😬😕.

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Buffafly in reply to Gladaven

Hi Gladie, you need to put this in a post of your own instead of a reply as people are not seeing it here 😢

This is not the best time of the year to get lots of responses but if you look on the AFA/BHF websites you'll find lots of info.

I understand that's not really what you are looking for here though. Being diagnosed with AF is commonly a very upsetting experience but what you need to know, briefly, is that AF is not normally fatal but you should be careful to take your Warfarin to prevent a stroke, it may disrupt your life but needn't dominate it, and finally, though it is good to get info too much is bad so don't Google!

You may have permanent AF so you wouldn't have episodes. People with Paroxysmal AF have episodes when their heart goes very fast out of rhythm and they feel ill with it. The difference between anxiety and AF is that with anxiety you feel anxious and with AF you feel anxious and your heart beats without any rhythm! You can feel your pulse on your wrist or neck.

Sorry this is a bit brief but have to peel a load of veg - life goes on 😁

Do please repost the same after Christmas and you will get lots more encouraging responses, you are not alone 💞

I have episodes of acid reflex prior to afib episodes. All my research brings me to believe the reflex is vagus nerve related. I also experience lower back issues when in afib for a while, especially if I can't just 'sit-it-out' due to time constraints in my schedule. I have discovered flecanide works best on an empty stomach and strive to take my dose 12 hours apart like clockwork, and extra as soon as I go into afib. Anyone have knowledge as to what happens if you take too much flecanide? My script is 50 mg 2x day. Will one or two more pills do damage? I rarely take pain meds, but when I do, I ONLY take Tylenol. I just bought a Kardia and see I am in afib more often than I thought. Anyone out there using the Kardia? Your thoughts on its helpfulness, please. Anyone have any luck on the vagus nerve techniques?

Merry Christmas to all!

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I think that the maximum amount of flec is 300mg in 24 hours. Do you take a regular maintenance dose of 50mg x 2 per day please? Does this totally prevent afib. Is anyone else on this maintenance dose and what impact does it have please?

in reply to Profound15

I do take flecanide 2 x day: 50 mg. each. Does ANYTHING prevent afib? I believe this dose helps me and I have fewer longer lasting episodes with not as much high heart rates. Before flecanide by heart rate would go as high as 160 over 8 to 10 hours. Now when in afib it is more like 90 to 110 but still can last as long. These rates are especially high for me as without afib my normal resting rate is more like 52, so this feels pretty awful. My occurances of afib seem to have increased over time ... or maybe, and more likely, my awareness is more atuned to it. I can "count" on a good bout of afib about every 3 weeks. My doctor told me to take an extra flecanide whenever I feel the need, but 2 hours apart. I wasn't aware that 300 mg daily would be the max amount, so that does aleviate some fear of overdosing. Thank you. Your thoughts?

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I’m not sure that there is anything that will be full proof in stopping Afib occurring. I’m being very careful about what I ingest. No alcohol, no overeating, no ibuprofen, preventing acid reflux and very little salt.

My thinking at the moment is about potential ablation. I was really upset that my pill in the pocket approach on Friday didn’t work. With the a&e dept giving me the 100mg intravenously as I had already taken 200mg that meant I couldn’t have any more. I’ve only had this condition for a year but if the flecainide isn’t going to work then my only next step could be an ablation. I’ve got an appointment with the cardio next week so we will see what transpires from that. Hope you are feeling good today. Merry Xmas

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