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Flecainide and tinnitus

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I had a cardioversion for AFib a couple of months ago and was started on flecainide (150 mg 2x/day). I got a constant, loud, buzzing sound in both ears within a day or two. The dosage was later reduced to 100 mg 2x/day but the tinnitus continued. Last week, my doctor suggested I stop the regular daily dosage of flecainide and replace it with a "pill in the pocket." I still have the tinnitus, which makes sleep difficult. Does anyone know how long it takes, after flecainide is stopped, for the tinnitus to stop?

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Are you taking Eliquis? I have developed tinnitus and attribute it to that. Also on Entresto, Tikosyn and carvedilol. When I switched from Coumadin to Eliquis developed tinnitus.

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Yes, I'm taking eliquis. In fact, the reason I was able to do the "trial" of stopping the flecainide and using it on a PIP basis was because I started the eliquis several months prior to the cardioversion and am still on it. I've had no side effects that I know of from the eliquis. It was not until a day or two after the cardioversion and start of the flecainide that I got the loud buzzing in my ears. I realize there are a number of possible causes of tinnitus - old age, stress, inner ear-related problems, etc. But the timing of when I got it makes me think it may be related to the cardioversion and/or the flecainide. If the tinnnitus eventually goes away, that may point to the flecainide as the cause. But if it continues, that would suggest some other cause.

I just stopped Flecainide today for this same reason. Tinnitus is still there. I’ll let you know when it goes away!

I got tinnitus before daily Flecainide and attribute it mainly to AF stress. I have found in my individual case that reducing most added sugar in my diet turns the volume down a bit.

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Tinnitus, especially pulsatile which resonates to your heart beat is very common for people with AF. I have it. It started some years ago but long after I took flecainide for a very short while as PIP.

Hi leoleo

I started with tinnitus long before I was diagnosed with paf so not sure if it is connected with it. I take flecainide also but again after the paf started. It could be due to the condition but then I have suffered with it for several years before paf so maybe it's down to old age. Just remember getting old is better than the alternative.

Regards Flyer.

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leoleo in reply to Flyer2820

Thank you! You’re right;getting old is better than the alternative.

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