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Skiing update

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So flew on Sunday from Stansted to Venice. Followed everyone’s advice ie arrived early, valet parking, fast track security and pre booked seats. Smooth as clockwork. Limousine transfer to Hotel, so all was good. Felt great. Monday huge apprehension as hit the slopes. All went well. Woke up a few times in the night short of breath which we then worked out was because the hotel alone is at over 6,000’ which may just give a hint. Three days now of skiing as energetically as pre ablation. Had a few cold sweat episodes today but Kardia reveals nothing more than a few ectopics. Strangely until today I appear to have been ectopic free since I arrived. Regularly going up to 9,000’ during the day and no more fatigued than my 23 year old daughter. One small beer an evening and the odd regular coffee.

To sum up, one day of skiing to go and then back to England on Friday afternoon. I know as from Saturday its no more Rivaroxaban nor Flecainide except as PiP. Very apprehensive but the other side of the coin the amount of terrain we have covered, all red runs, has given me such a positive boost as I hit the three month anniversary of the ablation and the two and a half month anniversary of the Cardioversion. So thanks for all the messages of support and allI need now is a cure for my bloody sore knee.

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Technically 6,318’ is the Hôtel’s altitude- makes all the difference

Oh wow that is fantastic! I go in for my ablation the end of January. Safe journey home.

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Slim2018 in reply to Lorlaw70

And one of my best mates who is also my dentist now has flutter and reckons he caught it from me when he sat next to me at a Halloween party. He is going skiing pre ablation

Hi Slim. Well it certainly was Ain't No Mountain High Enough. Fantastic 😎

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Slim2018 in reply to TamlaMotown

My helmet has Bluetooth speakers in it so you can imagine the playlists as I have bombed down the slopes. Motown Chartbusters Volume 3 particularly good.

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Dickydon in reply to Slim2018

Mine can activate the washing machine, cooker, bath/shower, two garage doors, bed out of the wall, all tv’s, all security cameras and so much more whilst I may be 1000’s of miles away from home!

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Slim2018

Helmet??? Whats wrong with a bobble hat?

Wow you must have felt so exhilerated ⛷

Well done for braving it and great to hear you have enjoyed the trip 👍

I read your post with great interest. Flying into Venice, probably going up to Selva in the dolomites. A deep seated pain started in the depths of my being. Sunshine, fresh snow, skiing, 9000 feet up, the paint got worse. Mountain top chalets, hot chocolate - the paint got really sharp and my hands started to shake. I could barely dial the number of the local medical centre.

A Xmas miracle occurred, I got through straight away and spoke to the doctor "Open and shut case" he said. "nasty case of jealousy. Go stand in a cold shower and tear up some £5 notes - you will soon feel better"

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BobDVolunteer in reply to Ianc2

MIne said £50 notes.

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secondtry in reply to BobD

Much cheaper to use a virtual reality headset and stand in front of a cold fan!!

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