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Follow up 7 weeks post ablation


Today at my follow-up everything went well. As the technician was doing my ekg I had 1 ectopic beat. Other than that, it was perfect. They did blood work to check my levels. I had stopped amiodarone after only 25 days of being on it. Also, the Metoprolol was making me tired, so he cut it in half, down to 25 mg 2x a day. He also said that my CHA2DS2-VASc is a 1 so he is thinking of taking me off of my blood thinner in a few months. I was surprised he said that because I hadn’t mentioned it. I’m not too sure about wanting to come off of that but he said “we’ll see.”

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Hi there Alfieros, that's great going! I know it's still relatively early days, but it sounds like your ablation was very successful. :) Here's hoping AF stays away for a VERY long time.

I'm at the 16 week point post cryoablation, and like you I've also been completely AF-free. What a pleasure!

Regarding the metoprolol you take... to be clear, is it 25 "mg" you're taking 2 times a day? If so, that is the same medication & dose that I am on.

May I ask what anti-coagulant you're on? I'm on apixaban (eliquis), and will likely be for life in consideration of the ischemic stroke I experienced in 2016. As a result my CHA2DS2-VASc score is a 2.

Best wishes to you & yours,


Alfieros in reply to Breezera

Thank you Breezera. Yes mg not ml. I’m on xarelto

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