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4 months post RF ablation


Approximately a year ago I was diagnosed with heart failure. I spent the following four months or so following the NHS processes in an attempt to identify the cause and appropriate treatment. I was told that I had Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction but an angiogram and MRI didn’t identify a cause. My cardiologists seemed confused by my ECG and AF was mentioned at one point, which is how I ended up here.

I was off work and running out of patience so, having access to medical insurance, I transferred to the Private route. My GP recommended an excellent cardiologist in London who measured my Ejection Fraction at 25% and theorised that my enlarged and dysfunctional left ventricle was due to a complex and unusual arrhythmia. He referred me to his colleague - an EP with an excellent reputation - who mapped the activity in my heart and ablated around my pulmonary veins and other sources of rogue activity. Immediately after the ablation, I still had a high level of ectopics as the procedure had irritated my heart, so I was placed on Amiodarone to calm the ectopics to allow my heart to recover.

Four months on, my Ejection Fraction is 47% and my cardiologist’s theory seems proven. I have now been off the Amiodarone for a week, although remain on the Bisoprolol, Ramipril, etc. I now have to wait for the Amiodarone to wash out of my body before I know for sure that the ablation has cured my arrhythmia and that it is not just the Amiodarone. I’m hoping that I’m now fixed as a pace and ablate would be the likely next step.

The next milestone is a consultation with my EP in the New Year, but I will keep my Kardia to hand in the meantime.

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That is really encouraging news Ian. You must be so pleased! Do keep us informed of progress please.

IanMK in reply to BobD

Of course, Bob; I'm very happy. I can't believe my good fortune in getting the specialists looking after me that I have. I'd like to thank my GP for the introduction but he has now retired and I'm unable to contact him.

Once I'm off these meds I'm sure I'll feel a lot better, but one thing at a time 🙂.

Some journey Ian, you must be delighted with your progress so far and credit also to the team who have looked after you. Fingers well and truly crossed for the next phase.....all the best, John

Hi Ian :-) it sounds like you are on the right path to better health and I hope the improvement continues.

It must have been a tough time for you particularly as diagnosis was not easy.

Thats great news! Keep up the good work xx

Really interesting to read your post. Sounds as if all is going well and I look forward to hearing how you get on without the amiodarone. I am 2 months post ablation and still on amiodarone until my review in December when I expect to be taken off it. So far so good and in NSR although my blood pressure has risen a lot since I started taking it.

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