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Post-ablation progress


The purpose of my ablation in July was to reduce my high ectopic burden, the theory being that the arrhythmia was the cause of my heart failure. Analysis of a recent 7-day holter recording shows that my ectopic rate is now down at 1.7%, so I saw my cardiologist yesterday for an echocardiogram. He gave me that good news that my ejection fraction was now 47% (up from 25%), which seems to give evidence to support the original theory. Now I need to know if the reduction in ectopics is a result of the ablation or the amiodarone I was prescribed shortly after (not too surprisingly, the ablation didn't have an immediate effect). I'm now waiting to see my EP again and expect that I will be able to stop the amiodarone. Understandably, my EP wants to explore all other options and is reluctant to take the irreversible step of a pace & ablate. If my heart function remains good after stopping the amiodarone, then all is well. If the ectopics return then I expect to be given the option of choosing between continuing with amiodarone or having a pace and ablate. To my mind, it's an easy choice; even if it wasn't amiodarone, I think I prefer a proven technical solution to a pharmacological one. Ideally, though, I won't need to make the choice :) (and be able to consider coming off the other meds with their various unwanted effects too)

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Certainly moving in the right direction Ian, here's hoping it stays that of luck

Hi Ian I also am having a third ablation for ectopics I have been on Flecinide 50 x 2 which kept them at bay for 6 months but they are back maybe due to a heavy cold just now, I dont know whether to go through with the ablation as I keep hearing they are imposible to ablate successfully, have you tried Flecinide yet the gave me breathing space when I felt really down. Good luck and keep in touch.

Kind regards Ingrid

IanMK in reply to greg35

Hi Ingrid,

The amiodarone does the job, but the side effects - if you get them - are too severe for the longer term for me to consider it as an option. The point about the pace and ablate procedure is that it is a guaranteed fix for any arrhythmia but I would be totally reliant on the pacemaker.

Hope it all goes well for you, those pesky ectopics made me feel worse than being in AF. As you know, I completely agree with you regarding P&A - I wouldn’t even try Amiodarone.

It is a very big decision though which took me over a year to make and I think I got to the point in believing I really didn’t have much QOL as was and that I really did want one!

5 weeks after pacemaker implant I am much more optimistic than I have been for the last 5 years for my health to improve rather than decline.

Best wishes CD.

I did make my view on Amiodarone clear to my EP, but he has far too good a reputation to be able to disagree with him 🤣

As I say, I expect he'll let me stop it when I next see him.

So glad you're feeling in better spirits.

I stopped amiodarone shortly after my dual chamber pacemaker was fitted. Didn’t like the potential side effects of amiodarone although I wasn’t on it for too long (less than 6 months). Haven’t looked back since my pace maker was fitted, No AF, no heart failure, although my annual checks show the pacemaker only kicks in less than 5% of the time. Hope this helps

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